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  1. It was a gutsy call at the end. On the scoring run in the 2nd OT by #4 for BA - was there a block in the back on #28 for MBA back around the 15 yard line?
  2. I have not seen NCS play so I really can't comment on them. I have seen CPA and they would struggle in Division II AA. They have some really good players but do not have the depth and overall team speed to compete. The Omer kid for CPA is a great player and would start on any Division II team that I have seen. Just not enough like him to be competitive.
  3. This post is really off base. Not sure how you say Ingle Martin has stayed true to the players he has. The school is very close to the Davidson/Williamson County line and in the public school arena would lose athletes based on this. Would not have players from Williamson, Davidson and possibly other counties. That is the very reason private schools should not play in the public division - they have the ability to draw students outside of their zone or county.
  4. Lipscomb Academy according to their website is the largest private school in Middle Tennessee. Not sure of the total enrollment in grades 9 through 12 but much larger than Ensworth, BGA, MBA, etc. By the way Ensworth has approximately 400 students in grades 9 through 12. Not sure your analysis is correct. Lipscomb Academy would be in the large private school division with BA, MBA, FRHS, McCallie. Ensworth falls in the lower division but plays up in the larger division. Not sure there would be more than two divisions if the split occurs.
  5. Different player - I think you are talking about the CPA player that is currently playing for Belmont. I can't personally confirm what I have heard about the "change" in residence so I will not add anything to this.
  6. He transferred to CPA as a Freshman - completed 8th grade year at MBA and then moved.
  7. Congratulations to MBA on a great season and winning the state championship! Respectfully, Menace, your post is so far out of line and incorrect it is challenging to respond to. Just a few things - before you stated that Ricky Bowers had taken it to some new level did you read the published reports that BA actually has more athletes that are receiving financial aid. Great for BA and the people that contribute their money to facilitate this. I am in favor of kids receiving financial aid and wish more had the opportunity to possibly improve their future. Nashville State? Seriously? If you have any evidence or proof of this just contact the TSSAA. That is the best way to deal with that matter rather than on a public forum. No conspiracy theory - the TSSAA is not afraid of any school even Ensworth. Parents make decisions all the time for what they believe is in the best interest of their child. If you believe that an all male environment with Latin classes is the best for your child and your family - great. Send your child to MBA. If not then don't. I am personally grateful that Nashville has many good options for schools both public and private. Calling out a young man by name on a public forum - classless. Finally - here is what I have to say about and to the Frist family - Thank you! What started with Dr. Frist, (Sr.) and others has been an immeasurable benefit to the Nashville community and countless people have been impacted by the company that they started. If the Frist family chooses to support a school then great for them and better for the kids that have their lives impacted from their contributions. Let's get back to discussing high school sports.
  8. Need to keep your story straight. Webb has not played EHS in football 2 of the 3 past years.
  9. BBD - what are your thoughts on this game? Will Dawson Know be able to play any this year in the playoffs? Jeremiah Oatsval has done an incredible job this year coming in.
  10. Baylor - they turned the music down for you......
  11. Ordway is a player. After watching him tonight - looking forward to seeing him at the next level.
  12. Wes - I was wrong, way wrong. Congratulations to the Eagles!
  13. Looking forward to the game tonight. Praying for both teams to play well and no injuries. The Giles County program has a great tradition and will be back. The Brickyard is a great place - really enjoyed watching Bo Wallace play even though the Cats beat my nephew's team.
  14. Wes - I have watched both BA and McCallie. Pulling for BA - but McCallie is that good. My guess is that it will be McCallie by three scores - 42 to 21 McCallie.
  15. Our son played with Thomas for several years on AAU teams. Great kid and an unbelievable talent. Wish him the best!
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