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  1. Marion County has picked up Boyd next year!
  2. Pound for pound, Jim Fowler would be hard to beat. Westmoreland Brown and Cash were probably the best though.
  3. You must not have seen the hand jester on the last kick off. You guys are good. No need for that. You don't see our kids acting like that. Back to game
  4. A lot of class being showed by these Christian boys. Not. 28. 12. Fcs
  5. Where have you been wingman. Have not posted on a Marion thread in a while. Tell me, how many times have you seen him play?
  6. Am I the only one who thinks it is ironic that a Pittsburg fan talking about cheating. It is a shame when a student athlete has to ask the school councilor what address to put on papers my real address or the one y'all gave me. Don't come on here and tell me it has not happened. Enough about that. I won't ever address it again can't wait til Friday
  7. Old pirate you don't know what you are saying. You only know what you have heard and that sir is incorrect. Y'all turned us in. We did wrong. Paid the price but not two months. You are just wrong now about this game. Good luck Warriors
  8. I think Marion County is back. They play a lot of under class men
  9. WE ARE M C !! We know it now and you will never forget after Friday !
  10. What happened four years ago means nothing to these boys. This team is playing with a lot of confidence right now. They respect FCS , as they should because they have earned that respect, but they are not intimidated by any means. I am sure FCS doesn't respect Marion because they have not earned it and will have to Friday night. I
  11. I think we all knew that the offense would probably score some but I don't think any of us expected the defense to come out and play the way they did last night now we have another challenge probably the best of everything we have seen this year best qb best line best def we know fcs will score and that don't bother us the question is. Can you score more than Marion going to be a long week. Pumped
  12. Can't wait til tomorrow night To all the trousdale fans. Be careful on your drive down. Get here early hit the concession stand and hopefully watch a great high school football game. Go warriors
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