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  1. How many points did Jaycee Coe have?
  2. Collinwood has a good chance to beat Madison, possibly the best possible 1st rd matchup they could have received, but there is no way they beat JC. Summertown got the toughest possible road. Of the other 7 teams, the top 3 are without question (in no particular order) Clarkrange, Union City, and Jackson Co.It just so happens that they have no choice but to go through all 3 and I just don't see that happening. Nothing against Summertown and in fact I'll go ahead and say that if you switch them with any of those other 3, odds are they wouldn't take home the gold ball either. EXTREMELY difficult to beat those 3 teams in 3 straight days.
  3. If you think that Riverdale will not take home the gold ball you're delusional.
  4. I have seen them play a few times this year. They have several REALLY good shooters. If the shots are falling like they were AT Summertown, they can easily be a force at MTSU. If the shots are not falling, then they look very average like when they lost to Wayne County during the season and only beating them by 2 tonight.
  5. I'm just curious as to who these shooters are. Northfleet has made 53 3's and Beal has made 26. Nobody else appears to even be a threat to shoot a 3. Moore County has 5 girls that have all made at least 15.
  6. I think the 4 better seeds all win at home. In a 1 game elimination format at a neutral site, anything is possible. Nashville Christian upsetting Houston Co in the 10A championship makes MC's path tougher. The semis and championship for this regional will be extremely fun to watch. The way community has played lately and if Katie Leverette is healthy, Community could well score the upset over Nashville Christian. That should be the best of the 4 1st rd games.
  7. Overall, very good Houston County, Nashville Christian, McEwen, and Whitehouse Heritage are the top 4. I would be very surprised if any other team was represented in the region. Combining both districts, the top 3 are Houston County, Moore County and Cascade in no particular order at all. The game between MC and Cascade has a lot more at stake than just a district title. A win would mean you're on the opposite side of the regional bracket as Houston County. They are certainly a team you do NOT want to play before the regional championship game. That being said, it is also possible they could be upset by Nashville Christian (as they were during the season) and that would just throw a new variable into the equation. District 10 semis are at Clarksville Academy on Friday and championship/3rd place on Saturday.
  8. Community's best player and senior leader Katie Leverette (sorry if misspelled) was knocked out of the game early with a horrific cut on her eye that required stitches and an almost positive concussion. I'm sure she is likely out for the Chapel Hill game on Thursday, but hopefully she is okay for the regional. If they can win Thursday, they would be a very tough out for the 10A #2 seed for that first game in regionals.
  9. Correct. The district tournaments are essentially used for seeding purposes for the regional tournament. If you win the district semifinal you will have a home game 1st rd of regionals, lose and you have a road game instead. The regional tournament bracket will be set up as follows (district-seed) 9-1 10-4 10-2 9-3 9-2 10-3 10-1 9-4 Again, those 1st rd matchups will be played at the location of the better seed. The regional semis and championship will be at Eagleville. Only the 2 teams that make it to the regional championship will advance to sub-state (champ hosts, runner-up travels).
  10. Moore County girls host Fayetteville City Friday night and boys are at Middle Tennessee Christian Saturday. District semis are at Motlow State Community College Monday as well as the 3rd place / Championship games on Thursday.
  11. Jackson County beat Clarkrange by 30+ and dropped meanwhile Summertown lost at home to Collinwood by 13 and moved up. They are tied at #2 and Summertown has a 1st place vote? I don't understand the logic there. I'll agree that these are probably the 10 best teams in the state, but I seriously need an explanation how you lose by 13 at home and move up from 9 to 2 in the next poll.
  12. Are you talking about the same Collinwood team that got beat by the 8-14 (3-5) Wayne County team a few days ago? Collinwood and Summertown are the clear favorites to advance to sub-state out of Region 6, but Loretto, Richland, and Cornersville will go down swinging. Moore County and Cascade are the clear favorites to advance to sub-state out of Region 5, but Houston County, McEwen, and Nashville Christian aren't bad either. With that in mind, Summertown and Moore County are the best teams and should be the 2 that advance to M'Boro, but any of the others mentioned also have a shot if not a good chance as well.
  13. Have you really looked at the schedule? Page is #11 in AA, Lincoln County is a 17-6 in AAA, Summertown is top 10 in A, Harlan County is a 1500 student school in Kentucky and is 21-2, North Sand Mountain is #4 in Alabama 2A. I'm not so sure those teams would be considered "cupcakes"
  14. Moore County and Cascade are both better than Houston County, but in a 1 game tournament scenario anything is possible. Regional tournament is at Eagleville correct?
  15. I was surprised to see Hughes beat Loretto. Now if Hughes can beat Summertown on Tuesday or make it a very close game, that would make them a legitimate contender for at least a substate game if not more.
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