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  1. New coach from Trousdale might want to go back. His offense is ATROCIOUS. Jacoby Stevens only touched the ball 3-4 times, no handoffs. Running 4 straight times to open up a drive down 24-0. Just really poor coaching. Edit: Will say the defense was good enough to keep them in it early. Hoover was rattled early on.
  2. Here's the link to the football forum, leave baseball to the real schools: http://www.coacht.com/boards/index.php/forum/64-class-5a-class-6a/
  3. If this isn't the saddest little thread in all the land. Grown people losing sleep and worrying about high school football. Stop living vicariously through little Johnny guys, the dream ended for you long ago.
  4. What it ultimatey boils down to is jealousy. That's alright, I'm sure Farragut people find it flattering that their West TN counterparts wish they could accomplish what Farragut has the last 12 years.
  5. I just don't want to make you any more upset than you already are.
  6. Guess I hit a nerve with that one. Too much truth right? Ps. Farragut didn't make the tourney in 2007. Would be hard to beat them like a drum having not played them.
  7. You are stereotyping yourself in the other thread. Are you not?
  8. Another high school has-been trying to act tough, got to love it. And I can't imagine Farragut is too upset, after all they have 9 reasons not to be. How's life after Bartlett baseball though? Still hanging with the boys at Porky's reminiscing of '07?
  9. Wasn't going to respond, but those last few sentences sum up the mindset of many Memphians perfectly. More concerned with fighting and talking trash than playing the game. Houston and Bartlett both have excellent programs, but you are just embarrassing yourself and your program when you try to act like a tough guy on the internet.
  10. Farragut played in the best high school baseball tournament in the country this year. Need to check your facts on that one.
  11. And the backtracking begins. You Memphis kids are all the same. The difference here is that Houston and Bartlett are talking trash outside the lines, after having already been eliminated. Maybe if your team put in the work like Farragut does, you guys could talk between the lines and not from your computer at home. Beat Farragut on the field in a meaningful game before you hide behind your keyboard and talk trash. Pretty pathetic.
  12. Let's just say that, again, they have embarrassed their school, their program, and their city with their behavior on the field and on social media the last 24 hours. Not sure I've ever seen a more classless program in all my years following TN high school baseball. The administration at HHS should look closely at how their baseball coaches, players, and parents reflect their school. Learn to lose with some humility, boys.
  13. You can look it up for yourself, but here's one from a kid you might recognize: "@p_willy_21: Sounds like @AdmiralGameday needs to get an asswhoopin" Bartlett kids not much better I see. Probably a Memphis thing, you know, being sore losers and all.
  14. Search "Farragut baseball" on Twitter and all it is is Houston players, fans, and parents cussing Farragut and saying they suck. Pretty hilarious really. Stay classy.
  15. Was pretty amazed to see how classless Houston was this week, both in victory and defeat. Actually no I'm not, it's Houston. The coaches either have zero control, or are ok with their players acting like idiots throughout the game. How did all that trash talk work out for you against the Champs?
  16. I believe he is referring to the shrinking strike zone in the inning where Houston scored 5. A couple of questionable calls allowed them to extend the inning. I personally don't think that cost them the game, but it didn't help matters either.
  17. As in Tommy Pharr? Don't see it.
  18. The fact you take the time to type that stuff up is sad. Typical of Blount Co though.
  19. Every year you have sour grapes from teams who choke in the region semi's/sectionals. Not a perfect system but great teams find ways to win. Simple as that.
  20. What is wrong with this? Maryville has never been good at baseball. Why should he continue to run the ship if the ship ain't sailing?
  21. Bump. Didn't even make it out of the district tournament with Stoecker, Lester, Benefield, Key, etc. No excuse for that at all. This is probably the 2nd best team in the state behind Farragut, talent wise.
  22. Glock, that is literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
  23. Didn't see it so I'll have to take your word for it. And I was referencing the in game crap both RDale and Houston do for the guy above me. Reading comprehension and Memphis don't mix well though.
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