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  1. Wayne County will take care of business in this one. Collinwood still not there yet.
  2. One thing for sure, we still beat Collinwood this season.
  3. Not impressed with either team tonight. I don't like the fact we don't have any fight in us. Just as last year. Need more energy!
  4. Cats win 27-16. A little sluggish but game two will tell us a little more. A few butterflies out there tonight.
  5. No doubt they've had some good teams over the years but ran into powerhouses when there were just three classifications. Coach Toner could get the boys out and those players played with a lot of guts! If I recall, they've had several young men play college ball over the years.
  6. We would have spanked them every year. I would have loved to seen some of those guys play. Played with lots of attitude on basketball court and baseball filed but would have wiping snot off their face if they had played the wildcats the last four years. No doubt!
  7. Mustangs next! Let's get the season started!
  8. We shall see. Has it been decided yet who we're playing?
  9. I though that so too. Offensive line play looked very good. Good to see some younger guys stepping up. With a little confidence, that will help with creating some depth.
  10. WC going to have a little scrimmage with Hickman County Friday. Still got some boys out but should see a some back that were out last week. Be a good time to see what we're looking at out of this team.
  11. What about our three way scrimmage today with UC and Waverly? How'd it go?
  12. Sorry Wildcat89. It's just going to be a difficult year for me. I plan on being at most of the games, but haven't had a chance to see anything this year and don't have an insider as I've had the last few years. But I've got you back. I will see you week one if not before. Hopefully, I can make the next scrimmage and jamboree.
  13. Kids looking bigger and strong. Gotta stay healthy this year. I think we going to try and pound this year. Lost a lot of speed over past couple of years. Looking forward to it. August will be here before you know it.
  14. Cats finish out regular season tonight with close win over Mt Pleasant. These guys have gotten to be worn out! They've played 8 games over the last 13 days. Can't complain to much, since we went 6-2. Rest up cats for district tournament. I'm predicting it will be a great tournament! It's anybody's tourney.
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