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  1. bigb31072

    NCS @ FC

    It will take a better passing team than FC to beat NCS by 14 in my opinion. Looking forward to a great game. Love to hear some of the old FC guys chime in on the best team ever comment. FC's had some pretty good teams. I'd say the best one ever would walk through these playoffs, just as Nashville Christians 2015 squad would have. Again, just my opinion.
  2. Here are some interesting numbers. Maybe someone from Greenback can fill us in on some of their players. #12 McGraw Regular Season 36 Carries 504 Yards 6 TD's 9 Catches 181 Yards 3 TD's Scored Every 5 Touches Playoffs 30 Carries 411 Yards 6 TD's 6 Catches 127 Yards 3 TD's Scored Every 4 Touches The best running back in 1A IMO has touched the ball 9 times a game in the playoffs and posted 9 scores against 3 of the top 5 teams in the state. Will Coach Brothers turn him loose on Friday? #35 Bituli Regular Season 8 Carries 108 Yards 2 Scores Playoffs 4 Carries 92 Yards 3 Scores 2 Catches 13 Yards 1 Score 6 Touches in the playoffs with 4 scores. Potentially the most punishing back in 1A IMO. Will Coach Brothers turn him loose of Friday? Tell me a little about the weapons at Greenback.
  3. Greenback Columbia Academy Nashville Christian Dresden
  4. If I remember right we welcomed you last year with some Back in Black.
  5. I think I have a solution to lighten the load on your coaches. There's a fellow named Iron Mike that loves Wayne County football. He's been a fan darn near 3 months. I bet if you asked him nicely he would cut the field and do the rest of the stuff you need done, kinda like Forrest Gump. I'd make him sign a contract quickly though cause he might jump ship after Friday.
  6. Well we'll see how it all plays out. Wayne County has the self proclaimed best group of backs in 1A, the top QB in 1A, a pre season all state wide receiver, the "advantage in the coaching department", and a starting defense that has given up about 4 TD's this year. They also run the veer, wait for it, "like Union City". It seems with that combination Wayne County should run through NCS like a knife through warm butter. I'm interested to see how that works out for Wildcats.
  7. If you care to ask questions about the game or something of that nature, I'm sure they will be answered.
  8. Here are the WC drives from last game when they "drove into the redzone at will". Drive 1 -5 yards fumble lost on 3rd and 12 Drive 2 -5 yards fumble lost on 3rd and 10 Drive 3 69 yards Turned over on downs after stopped on 4th and 10 (59 on bust cov play) Drive 4 7 yards Punt on 4th and 3 Drive 5 25 yards Interception thrown on 3rd and 7 Drive 6 37 yards Interception thrown on 2nd and 14 Drive 7 53 yards Turned over on downs after stopped on 4th and 13 (personal Foul) Drive 8 3 yards Turned over on downs after stopped on 4th and 7 Drive 9 -8 yards Turned over on downs after stopped on 4th and 18 WC had 4 drives start in NCS territory at the 40-37-26-40. Those drives netted -5, -5, 3, and -8 respectively. These were drives the "at will" must have failed. Your facts are a bit off. They had 180 yards for the entire game and almost 60 came on one busted coverage play. Somebody get this guy a WC t shirt. Hes been on the bandwagon darn near 3 months now, hes earned it.
  9. No doubt daddy will have #5 prepared for the game. Also no doubt he had him prepared for last years game. Did you watch that game?
  10. NCS has more fans than the 2 everyone is going back and forth with. Don't be a "moron" and lump everyone together.
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