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  1. My original question was based on current coaches. So dark response was right on par with what I was expecting. The PC Mods didn't respond so I expect his response to be true otherwise it would not hv been days b4 a response. One thing for certain, 2 things for sure, PC is not shy to boaster on accomplishments. I expected at least 2 pages of responses. This definitely was an attempt to shift the narrative.
  2. If u look at both HC eras, PC having the advantage and longer tenured HC...what big wins has PC had and what big wins has CR had? Also what are both coaches record vs Metro schools? Lastly...which staff as a whole has the most experience and make the better adjustments? I don't hear from CR staff on here so idk much about them.
  3. Wish I was in town the weekend of the 24th! What do you think will be the outcome? Use to hearing a lot of talking by now but the faithfuls have been quiet. Is this an off year for everyone or a lot of fans/coaches are not too optimistic about their team?
  4. I totally agree. Its jealousy. White Haven has the best looking kids I have ever seen as a group in the state. Based on Fb247 they are cheating and should win every year. That isn't the case. So coaching must be taken place at these other Metro schools. Not to say WH coaches are bad but that kills that argument. Question to the group...if a parent comes up and ask about ur program, is that recruiting? Also what is to be said when someone from an East, Pearl, CR or a Hillsboro transfer to a losing program, is that looked on as the same? Is that considered "cheating"?
  5. I am starting to agree with majority, that u just hate to hate. I started researching CR because of ur comments and noticed that the same kids the were there when the previous staff was fired are the same kids that went to state. Ppl said that they would win 5-6 games last yr with 10 starters graduating and they went 13-2. How does that happen if these same players are not developed and coached. Looking at their team this year, they lost how many standouts out defense and still finding a way to win! Gv them dudes their credit
  6. MyTV30.com site must hv been tripping! If Rayshad is #1, he was getting broke off by #6 of CR. And with the pick, he was on #2, the freshman. That was a homer statement for those he was not watching the game. #1 and # 26 were getting beat so bad, they moved WH #6 over CR #6 and played #1 at safety high. Btw, did u see were #1 got touched by CR defense 1 time and just went and sat on the bench like them dudes hitting. Would not even take the cup of water. Lol! What i seen is WH's #2, #11 and #27 (grown man) were legit! Does Maryville hv any studs that compare?
  7. Soooo any updates on the Metro rankings? Thus should be interesting...
  8. Are these not the same kids that were freshman when the last coaching staff was around? And Sophomores for the last year's team?!?!? Seems like ppl are mad that those guys over at CR are coaching they butts off and coaching up the same kids that were already at the school. Hating is not a good look and it's very obvious that is what's going on. Winning recruits itself!
  9. How nice was it that Cane Ridge provided a hospitality tent with burgers and dogs for all coaches and admins that attended. Those guys are changing the culture in metro. Good to see some1 gets it!!
  10. Schedule was put together befor MF was the HC by the previous staff. Also it was the principal who did away with that game. He is silly and lost money for the burros. We want to schedule ezell Harding or a county school like Franklin Co.
  11. I agree Soarman27. To your point: Cane Ridge Non- district games: Marshall County- 2016 semi finals lost to 4A state runner- up. 2017 preseason ranked #3 in 4A. Brentwood- 2016 semi finals lost to 5A state runner- up. 2017 preseason ranked #8 in 6A. Centennial- 2016 lost in quarterfinals to Brentwood. Rhea County- 2016 lost in second round to 5A state champions. 2017 preseason ranked #2 in 5A.
  12. Easy win...$5k and apologies to them both?
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