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Everything posted by repoman

  1. just calling out the "AA " schedule comment is all. easy teams in all classifications.
  2. hmm so the coolaid taste is Cookeville would have ran the table in 8 aa. Sayin a AA schedule is pretty baseless ,What about 6aaa really not that strong of a district?
  3. going to try and break it down by region and sectional,correct me if I am wrong cause I am guessin. (Upperman, Meigs,Cumberland County and Macon) .only 2 of 4 can make the tournament avoidin upsets. (East Nashville and Cheatham .) is Jackson Southside, Westview and Crockett in same region. and South Greene by themselves on the list.
  4. looks to be the only show in Upper Cumberland ,how many people will Roy Sewell gymnasium hold? Might attend this one!
  5. well, the limb broke. lol. I knew better. By the score looked like total domination.
  6. Dishman can play, the kid has worked hard and put up the numbers and will be deserving of the trophy. She has been fortunate to play for a program that lets her play, shoot as much as she likes and the coach, her aunt is very encouraging and does not play mind games with her like alot of local coaches do with their players holding them back for whatever reasons. She is very fortunate to have had the opportunity most others dont get . This year she deserves the trophy, in my opinion.
  7. Bein from Upper Cumberland area,I agree he is smooth, easy flowing jump shot type player that can ball with good size and length.
  8. This district is very confusing, May be decided by a coin flip! I picked Stone but I think Sparta can pull it out and Cookeville loss to Rhea will be huge at the end of reg season.
  9. I know to never bet against Cr at home but, Clay seems to give them match up problems , that is my reasoning.
  10. me too,but goin out on a limb this time.
  11. I say Clay somehow wins at Clarkrange and that will be the deciding factor for the regular season.
  12. this could an interesting matchup problem for Chs. If Wc big can run the floor may neutralize Chs senior post, then it leaves guard play. possible upset alert.
  13. where is the district tournament? Region tournament? this yr.
  14. hmmmm, ah boy! zip my mouth, zip my mouth, lol..
  15. Guess Cookeville does not want to be good then! I thought it was a great game by both teams, a heavyweight matchup. great defense by both. Give credit where credit is due and swallow your hatorade.
  16. Deeefeeeeeeeenceeee!!!
  17. or an impartial Crossville homer that still thinks Dishman is better than Levy.
  18. if Upperman "upseted" Ckv , according to your past posts, would it be the refs fault. lol
  19. ok just what if? they allowed you to assign the referee 's would Upperman have a chance?
  20. so your basically saying all the kids in Putnam County that play basketball that go to Monterey and Upperman are running from competition? Goin to Cookeville is like playin Russian roulette, only can play 5 at a time, then looks like a football team bench. Monterey and Upperman dress like 9 kids.
  21. agree it is,your interpretation was different than what I was tryin to say but that's all right too.
  22. Would bout bet the farm Meigs makes sub state ,the other 3 mentioned has a much tougher road ahead. "Statistically" Meigs has the best chance right now to make state.
  23. that they are good eye candy and mean absolutely nothing, if only you can make the glass house and give your team a chance. Now some teams have a much easier road than others, but it is what it is.
  24. doubtful you win district this year ,doubtful you win district next year. need to win some districts first. still not even the best team in the county.
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