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  1. I may receive backlash and abuse by commenting on here, but I feel it necessary to clear the air on #13 and exactly what transpired. He did not quit because he is a drama queen. Anyone that knows him and has watched him play over the years knows that he is the exact opposite of a drama queen and is a very humble young man. He is not arrogant and does not show boat. He doesn’t play to the crowd for attention. He believes in taking care of business on the field. He believes in respecting your elders but also believes that respect is earned. This was not a single incident decision, this has been building the entire year and was simply the last straw for him. He was given an ultimatum and he made a choice. He didn't throw a tantrum and yell, scream or cuss at the coach as others have done this year. He handled it with dignity. He never wanted to let his friends or team mates down. It broke his heart to leave them. They were the only reason he made it as long as he did this year. The final straw that led to the ultimatum from the HC to "do as I say or turn in your helmet and get off my field" came from the lack of respect and support from his coach. In no way did he think he was too good to do bear crawls and would have done so without question if he felt he had actually done something wrong (like we have seen from some others...kicking an opposing player, throwing a punch, a flagrant foul). It was a horrible call and instead of the coach having his player's back and taking a stand for him, he wants to get in his face and punish him in the middle of the game. It is my opinion only, but practice is the place to hand out punishment for penalties, not the middle of the game doing bear crawls. If you want to punish during the game, then you sit them on the sideline, you take them out of the game. At least Coach John's did go to battle for his players. He got several penalties himself in the process, but at least his players knew he had their back and they respected that. Again, my opinion, but NONE of the players should be doing bear crawls or belly flops (as someone called them in a previous post) during the middle of the game. This was definitely not the way he wanted his senior year and football career to end. This team should have completely dominated the region this year. This team had so much talent that was wasted. Much better than the record reflects. Heartbreaking and disappointing all the way around. So, with all that being said, if this is an inappropriate place to post this, sorry but before he gets trashed for being a drama queen, I want the truth to be told. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but he is a good kid. Salem and General, whoever you may be, I appreciate the nice things you have said about him in the past.
  2. Thank you and no he doesn't. Confidence has taken a beating last year and this year. Hard to watch such natural talent be beaten down and broken.
  3. Apparntly #13 has been relieved of his defensive duties.......not a smart move in my opinion. They don't want to tire him out for offense but he's not being utilized there either.....
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