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  1. Will Milan have everything done for the season? They seems to still be moving rubble from the old stadium
  2. You think? I think something special is brewing at Lipscomb
  3. Just go on and move to West Carroll you can get the coach and if you want to be a big fish in a little pond. Westview to West Carroll sounds like a winner to me
  4. That Pitt man is a heck of a coach, as BPM touched on earlier, 15 wins in 2 seasons at Greenfield is pretty dang good.
  5. Lmbo I know his name. Dramatic effect and what have you
  6. I remember my senior year going to Lake County for a game. At the coin toss I got to meet this nice man who let me see his gigantic Super Bowl ring. He got it because the team he assembled just beat the undefeated NE Patriots. Good guy, I think the field is named after him now
  7. Chris Donald had a better freshman year than most will have as a senior. That guy was a freak!
  8. I even recall an interview after Willis was already a 49er. Fulmer said he didn't think Willis' ceiling was as high because he played 1A ball or something to that effect.
  9. Holy crap. I didn't know he was that high
  10. 2014 was probably a harder nosed team but with respect I'd say less talent. Seemed like the 2019 team was bored most games...for a lack of a better term.
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