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  1. WarEagleCartman

    2019 Henry County Patriots

    If you're sitting behind someone like Ty Simpson I don't think anyone can blame you for looking for a shot elsewhere.
  2. WarEagleCartman

    Lake County 2019 schedule

    That should be a good measuring stick. Stay healthy
  3. WarEagleCartman

    Estes leaves Dresden

    Lion's looking for a new coach
  4. WarEagleCartman

    Best / Worst Facilities

    I saw that, this is very much overdue
  5. WarEagleCartman

    Best / Worst Facilities

    Yeah Atwood has a population of 920. Trezevant 843 Mcley 333 and so on. Huntingdon has darn near 4k people there
  6. WarEagleCartman

    Best / Worst Facilities

    A lot of kids who live in UC go to Obion. Huntingdon has a population double or more of WC's small towns and communities. Through this decade we've been as close as 10 or so to y'all in hs enrollment. The gap seems to be widening now though
  7. WarEagleCartman

    Best / Worst Facilities

    It blows my mind that school only has 330 or so kids.
  8. WarEagleCartman

    Best / Worst Facilities

    Huntingdon's facilities are top notch. I'd love to see any 1A team that has that beat
  9. WarEagleCartman

    Henry County @ Milan Scrimmage

    In Milan or Paris
  10. WarEagleCartman

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

  11. WarEagleCartman

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Whip that sucker out
  12. WarEagleCartman

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Huntingdon has so much coming back. If they can't get it done this year I think changes will be made
  13. WarEagleCartman

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Agree these should be the last 4 playing ball
  14. WarEagleCartman

    Top 10 3A

    I like seeing McNairy trending up. For some reason I was under the impression last team was senior heavy. It'll be good to see them in the mix again this year. Westview should be much improved this season
  15. WarEagleCartman

    Top 10 3A

    Roundabout how many starters is.Milan returning