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  1. Is there a link to watch this game
  2. They definitely did. I didn't know there was a trophy for this particular rivalry game. It's pretty cool
  3. Wavo seems to have taken a step back with the combination of graduation and a new coach. I expect Huntingdon to take it
  4. I just sweet Tubbs' stats in Facebook. 8 carries 284 and 5 TDs. Holy Cow.
  5. I heard NS running back went out early vs Beech. Hope he's able to go vs Haywood.
  6. Bruceton always plays us tough and vice versa. No matter who the better team is. We got the win but I felt it shouldve been worse. Either way 1-0 feels better than 0-1
  7. We got the win. It really shouldn't have been as close as it was. I think I witnessed the all time passing record at WC tonight
  8. Victory 93.7s Facebook has a live feed. Not the greatest but its appreciated
  9. I'm just seeing a guy man the radio station. This the right link?
  10. What happened to Jackson Christian? There was quite a drop off since they won state. They seem to be putting more focus back into football now though
  11. I think Haywood takes this one. Be sure to stop in Atwood for...gas
  12. Ok I figured if anyone they'd be doing it but I haven't seen anything
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