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  1. WarEagleCartman

    Peabody Golden Tide

    We voted on democratic socialism in hs ball. Time to redistribute some of those athletes to WC
  2. WarEagleCartman

    Dresden 2018

    If being the most talented team in the class and falling short is your thing then that's cool. You should enjoy football season for years to come. As far as my War Eagles are concerned its definitely an uphill battle burn if you follow 1A ball at all you know it just takes a great senior class. Again I'm very proud of you guys for having one gold ball with a century head start over us.
  3. WarEagleCartman

    Dresden 2018

    Replacing Pearson and..maybin is it? Will be no easy task. Two of the best football players in west tn last year. Look its really no disrespect aimed to the historic Huntingdon Mustangs but you won't see this guy picking them for gold balls anytime soon. I've rode that train on and off since 2010 and they've done nothing but make me.look bad after Halloween. I'll stick to probably an unpopular opinion but the mustangs were the most talented team in 1A and couldn't even make it out of a down Western portion of the bracket. I'll even go back to 2012. Sorry gang but Huntingdon was better than Gordy. But Gordy had the game plan and a talented team themselves.
  4. WarEagleCartman

    Dresden 2018

    Speaking of Mr Tyrone Jones, I saw on a buddy's social media page, Tyrone signed on to the National Guard through him. Congratulations Tyrone Good luck!
  5. WarEagleCartman

    Dresden 2018

    Definitely agree. With all in consideration LC returns 19-20 Cornersville returns 15-16. I'll take LC in that case to come out of the West.
  6. WarEagleCartman

    Dresden 2018

    You'd be hard pressed to find 5 teams better than LC. 19-20 starters returning from a semifinals team is tough to catch for#2.
  7. WarEagleCartman

    Dresden 2018

    Were all chasing Lake Co in region 7. They will be a top 2-3 team in 1-A this year. Who all do you have back besides Yates? Replacing Nanney will be a task
  8. WarEagleCartman

    Done with Damon floyd

    Never be this dad. Happy Fathers Day anyway buddy
  9. WarEagleCartman

    Future Martin-Westview QB offered scholarship from Michigan

    Tennessee Volunteers have offered
  10. Hudson Wolfe is a 6'6" 235lb 15 year old man-child. This will be the first offer of many. Hardin County also has a former TE on UT Vols roster. Keep producing talent down by the river
  11. WarEagleCartman

    Future Martin-Westview QB offered scholarship from Michigan

    Extra reply
  12. WarEagleCartman

    Future Martin-Westview QB offered scholarship from Michigan

    Add the Bulldogs of Mississippi State to the list
  13. WarEagleCartman

    Future Martin-Westview QB offered scholarship from Michigan

    I can't help but think he reminds me of a certain former Dresden qb
  14. WarEagleCartman

    To All My Dyersburg Buddies...

    Congrats Big Dawg. A name change is in order.
  15. WarEagleCartman

    What's going on in Humboldt?

    The vikings will be searching for their 4th coach in 12 months. By athletes alone Humboldt should be a top program in 1-A. What's going on?