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  1. Dang man a few weeks ago you was saying y'all need to change QB's and y'all had nobody to run the ball seriously is Eubanks still QB? I'm guessing you're happy with whoever is getting the carries?
  2. Peabody looked good in the scrimmage so did the bruins. Both teams looks their best offensively running the ball between the tackles. 31 for USJ can hit a hole. It was good seeing driggers get a chance to run more he seemed to be their best weapon on the ground. Hope he's ok! USJ has got to get 17 and 0 the ball more. They're studs.
  3. I haven't got to see the high school once yet. Was hoping yesterday would be my first look. From what I hear our backs are looking good and the lineman look better and bigger. Curious to see how the offense goes without Moon leading the way.
  4. Me too. And it seems like a very ineffective rule if it can take a year to be implemented.
  5. I disagree with any notion coach miller should be investigated or anything like that. From everything I've heard he's a class act and I think his son reflected that quite a bit. The only questions I have on the matter is how many new kids actually made their way to MASE? Also, I'll admit ignorance on the rule but does tssaa still practice the rule where if your enrollment increases a certain percentage you're automatically moved up? Finally does the number of kids meet that percentage threshold? Otherwise play ball and there will be nothing tainted about it.
  6. Personally I think Oliver is one of the best qbs in the area. Not sure what Dresden lost but if they developed more weapons and options to take the load off Oliver this will be a very dangerous team.
  7. It was moved to Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to make it
  8. As I said in the thread that was the most trash talk I ever saw for a scrimmage. But I love it
  9. Someone on the 3/4A thread said Fayetteville beat Giles pretty good
  10. Marion's a bit bigger than Haywood too I'd imagine they're probably 5-6A in Illinois
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