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  1. Well it's almost February now, what's the hold up
  2. The direction of SG will be an interesting one to watch. They definitely have players but one could argue Stidham overachieved with a few of the rosters he had. Good luck to ya Medina.
  3. Naw probably won't ever see 3A again enrollment wise
  4. Ok I gotcha. Is Brentwood sniffing around or something? I'm not big into D-2 so Idk who could even plan on bringing him in
  5. From what I understand it was a scholarship offer.
  6. The Georgia commit isn't a burner I think he runs a 4.6 or so
  7. This is horrible. RIP Lee, you will be missed. If I'm not mistaking he ran the Peabody page on Facebook.
  8. Congratulations Milan I think Carr will be a good fit. Another coach I played against in high school. Getting oldddd
  9. Lol now I hate Peabody because Taylor is better than Ganaway. Guess Boston College, Ole Miss, and UT hate Peabody too
  10. So you think winning Mr football makes him better? Lmao now that's hilarious. Being the benefactor of a GREAT offensive line doesn't necessarily make you good. Pretty sure my 5 year old coulda got at least 800 yards with that line last year. Hes not even the best Ganaway brother but go on.
  11. Thought I'd bring the East TN feel to this thread
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