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  1. Headhunter42

    2019 East Hamilton Hurricanes

    So were roughly a couple months removed from Coach Gatewood resigning and one of the best Football Jobs in our area (potentially) and they have narrowed it down to a "Good Coach" who has won several games over the last couple years and a "seasoned better than average coach" who from what I have heard through the vine(no confirmation) isn't even a certified teacher. Really? I personally think that either of these fellows from what little I know about either would do as good any anyone, because lets be honest its going to be a complete rebuild for the Hurricanes. Their two best athletes are leaving or have already left and unless they have some transfers its going take a year or two to get things going again. I am just a little surprised that some bigger names haven't been mentioned. Thoughts?
  2. Headhunter42

    Who will be Cleveland's Blue Raiders next HFC

    This job will draw interest from everyone looking for a job or wanting a change. I will throw a couple names out to keep an eye on as this thing plays out. In no particular order: Carter Cardwell-Most recently Head Coach at Boyd Buchanan in 2017, stepped away from Coaching this past year to size his next opportunity up, College Coaching background. Courtney Braswell-Current Ridgeland, GA. Head Coach, could be a good landing spot if the politics and pressures from the fallout in Happy Valley continue to fester. Ted Gatewood-Most recently resigned from East Hamilton, where he started the program from scratch about 10 years or so ago, long standing coaching career as an assistant and Head Coach. He may want to give it one more shot in a new setting. Chris Brown- Current Red Bank Head Coach, although he inherited a ton of talent at Red Bank has done a great job of finishing the drill as a first time head coach, was an asst. coach at Cleveland and has ties to the program. This might be one of the few jobs in this area that he would leave all those athletes at Red Bank for. To many others to list but any of these 4 I would think would get serious consideration before an outsider got a shot. Thoughts?
  3. Headhunter42

    Chattanooga area new coaches 2018-2019

    To go full circle if Red Bank coach left to go back to Cleveland, then the Walker Valley guy would immediately want to return to Red Bank and no one would blame him.
  4. Headhunter42

    2019 East Hamilton Hurricanes

    Little surprised that Coach Gatewood exiting the program hasn't been discussed yet. Thoughts on where the program goes from here? Who might be some favorites to lead the Hurricanes in 2019.
  5. Headhunter42

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    SO with Hargis putting it out that Fant is staying and others saying that Akins would be the next option then why is this not been finalized? I suspect that the powers to be at Boyd got ahold of the info from that railroad job that transpired over at Red Bank when the last Head Coach got who dooed and thought better of having someone like that in their program. Thoughts? Also, who are other possible candidates? I would assume the admin would want this rapped up prior to the Holidays so that everyone can hit the ground running after the holidays.
  6. Headhunter42

    Coach Mac Bryan resigning at Ooltewah

    So other than the obvious Gatewood and Green who are some other possible names with any sort of ties to the program that might have a shot and are there any highly thought of assistant's that have paid their dues that might find favor from the decision makers? I'm thinking the answer might be from right down the road at Central, That fellow has done a wonderful job in the short time he's been there, but that's only if he's not jetted off to Ridgeland to lead the Panthers.
  7. Headhunter42

    Chad Grabowski Out At Red Bank

    It appears depending on what side your on that Red Bank has backed them selves into a big hole. They almost have to hire one of the Cutthroaters from within because any new coach coming in surely will not keep any of this group of backstabbers on his staff, that would be suicide on his part, how would anyone be able to trust these fellows. So with that being said what happens if these asst. coaches stay on as teachers taking teaching spots that you need for a few new assistants. Surely, the administration has thought all this through but by firing the Head Coach to save a couple asst coaches from not coaching to turn around and hire a new head coach who would not want to keep these same assistants sure seems they have taken the long way around things. Thoughts ???
  8. Headhunter42

    Chad Grabowski Out At Red Bank

    Sounds like the Principle fired the wrong guy if the Asst. Coaches are this shady. If the Principal really is saying this is the reason she fired this guy she should be fired for sounding so ridiculous. Who cares if "ASSISTANT COACHES" do not plan to continue as coaches? Sounds like they need to let those guys go and hire some loyal ones anyway. I am curious to see if one of the current asst. coaches get promoted to Head Coach, then this will all be vey clear as to what has happened. Who would want to work with a guy that would display this kind of cutthroat behavior.
  9. Headhunter42

    Notre Dame 2015

    So have they filled the coaching spots vacated by several staff member? Probably hard to coach 80 kids with 2 or 3 coaches.
  10. Headhunter42

    marion Co football 2015

  11. Headhunter42

    Loudon Head Coaching Position?

    Any chance Cardwell leaves his OC job at Boyd to return home? His oldest son has graduated could be good timing?
  12. Headhunter42

    Sequatchie County Indians hire Adam Caine as HC

    News on coaching staff? Any additions or defections?
  13. Headhunter42

    Mariakis to Coach at Chattanooga Christian

    First off congrats to CCS they hit a home run adding Mark as an assistant. He's perfect for this program and and the program will be much better as a result of the hire! He a great leader, mentor and coach and for those of us that have the pleasure of knowing him know how big of addition this is for the Chargers. I would suspect that with Marks background on the defensive side of the ball that more than likely he will coordinate that side of things with Spense still heading up the offense. Should be an exciting time in Charger land they just got a lot better.
  14. Headhunter42

    Sequatchie County Indians hire Adam Caine as HC

    Well assuming that The new coach stays put as I assume he will who all is on his coaching staff? Did he bring any staffers with him? What kind of offense and defense will he be running?
  15. Headhunter42

    marion Co football 2015

    I seen where coach Ross name continues to be mentioned on the GA Vent for the Ridgeland job. Interviews were done yesterday and today. Is he still a candidate? Any news?