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  1. Who cares if the coaches wearing their jackets on the sideline shows people they care more about who they are than who their players are, it looks cool and that is really what matters.
  2. Yeah that's what I said too cause it always has mattered to me how good a coach was as an athlete back in high school. When will people understand that that always translates to good coaching...
  3. I think the News Paper knows that the head coach and staff wear letter jackets on Fridays and they just don't take the staff at AC serious
  4. Thank god that’s not true
  5. Yeah you are right, I may have been. I mean Gipson was out there so it may have been the middle school. Just funny how desperate some coaches looked for Powell trying to get their “star” athletes to even run off the field. Guys on that team are more worried about the next level and NIL deals. Greene is the exception IMO. Kid loves to compete and is probably the heart and soul of the senior class. It sure ain’t number 8
  6. Saw HVA in a 7 v 7 and no shade to the previous group, but it is very apparent that the coaching is 2x better if not more. New HC has put together a pretty good staff. May be to early to compete late, but this team will win.
  7. I heard GT is no longer coaching on staff. I think this is something that may give DB and teams throughout the year an advantage over AC. Chris Thacker calling plays > Davy calling them...
  8. I'd beg to differ in the sense that I do not believe the West coaches believe Powell has better athletes then them. In fact, Powell in many preseason competitions have proven to not be the same team. Powell coaches DO NOT have the respect of their players, I've seen this with my own eyes. Coaching is more than the scheme that is built on Sundays. West coaches are putting their kids in better positions as young adults and the play translates on the field.
  9. It's about that time ORkitty! whats the word these days?
  10. West beats Powell this year. Better coached
  11. Did you go back and watch the film we talked about last week?
  12. If I were Bearden and/or Bearden alumni I'd also try to say something such as this to make it seem that Clinton "fudged" the score. Who even puts stock in the "score" of a spring game. There is a pretty easy way to figure out the fudging of the score scenario: watch the film and count scores. Then take it a step further and count how many of those scores were with the best of the best vs say the old Bearden kids vs Clinton's freshman team. I think Bearden had alot of scores during the later
  13. Come on OR cat, don't take your ball and go home. That sounds like loser talk right there... Cummings will get some guys in there, just wait. Him and the "Money man" aren't done yet.
  14. Guess losing their returning starter at QB has hurt their progress.
  15. In all serious, it sounds like Cummings tried to do everything he will not do in the regular season. Most of his pass game is short play action passes that catch you in the wrong spot, so deep balls seems like he either wanted to keep it vanilla as he can, or work on the things he knows his offense is the worst at... If you run the veer, you have to be ready and able to throw it or you get beat all the time but he will use the hundley kid as a HB slot which will be most of his pass game and he was in track.
  16. Is this Cleveland High School all over again?
  17. Okay, sounds good OR cat...I mean, "Nolenation3"
  18. You must drive through there on the way to work then.. thats what I love about OR fans…they finish each other sentences and interpret each other’s thoughts thank you for my daily OR sucks fix, it couldn’t be possible without you OR cat
  19. Oh shut up Wesley swipes and quit telling me what to do it in my T account. Your BS stats are falling on deaf ears. What you are confusing for open zone is that 8th graders can basically go wherever they want if they can get to the school. School boards like let’s say Knox county require you to attend school he zone school based on address which is much more restricted across the state then your 95% and I’m sure WB and HHS have different opinions of why those famed programs got so good. Hard work was present but some hard work is done by coaches and ADs at those schools. What they do at Alcoa has been NO secret for years
  20. Oh dear Cat, now you are calling kids goons? I’ve obviously hit a nerve. I just thought what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s obvious name calling is a thing in OR.
  21. Come on Cat, OR is a semi private school system with its own city schools that hand pick the athletes they want and send the ones they don’t to the other schools in Anderson County and still struggle to win even after recruiting Knoxville kids to plays. Look at all the other schools around here with that set up and how much they win..Alcoa, Maryville, Greenville and then you all.. a lot has changed since ol grandpa leather helmet Gaddis played ball. I wonder if he will let us use his AARP card for a discount at large edwards next year?
  22. I guess the issue would be for guys who actually know the sport pretty well asking themselves why a RB like the one we are speaking about, would want to leave an offense that is easily 70 % run where he could EASILY rush for 1,000 yards next season, is a state qualifier in track does not want to stay at the prestigious OR? Is it because his dad can't get a job on staff? or is it more that the culture is off? We have seen what happens to Cummings when he gets to a team(cleveland) with athletes that he should win with and doesn't... Last time he was in this situation he had a MLB that he had to spoon feed to make sure his defense could make a tackle... Study up OR cat...you come at the king, you best not miss
  23. Way to dodge the real issue cat…. you should be a politician
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