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  1. While USN did dominate the run of play in the first half, Rabb had one shot on goal all game against BGA. Just want to set the record straight. CPA is the class of the middle region this year. I was not impressed with USN in their game with BGA (settled for a lot of shots from distance which BGA was more than happy to allow) or CPA (but I thought #12 for USN was a very player, CM) Good luck to everyone.
  2. BGA 0 ECS 0 ECS was missing one of their starters. BGA was missing two of theirs and had two on the field who were carrying injuries. Game could have gone either way, but under the circumstances and predictions, this is an impressive result for BGA.
  3. Conference play gets underway shortly. First season: 2-6-1 Second season: 4-4-1 Third season: Gavin is a solid coach. He just needs time to get it done.
  4. Sounds like Playerscoach has some insight to middle TN soccer. I look forward to hearing more from him. I agree 100% with Booger. Jim has always done an excellent job IMO with what he has and he has often entered region tournament with a horrible record, but it has been due to the teams he schedules. CCS has a win against GPS which is impressive. They, too, will be a team to watch. ECS and St George are well coached and will be hard to break down, too. I would like to see some of the middle TN d2 teams venture out of their backyard and play some more east and west TN teams (easy for me to say as I am not footing the bill for travel).
  5. New teams finally coming over to D2 will make things interesting. Be cool to see what rivalries develop. Wish that all the private schools would go to D2. Just seems to make sense. I don't get too much out of looking at a score (HH's 1-1 result against Franklin and then their 5-1 loss to USN is strange). USN's defeat of Harpeth Hall looks to be a decisive win...on paper. I did hear that HH is down this year. Also depends on where those games were played. Is HH still playing on that tiny turf field? ND and CCS will be organized...well coached teams. What about CAK? Any news from the west?
  6. What is your sample? Who have you seen play? Curious.
  7. Best of luck to all the teams across the state. Post some scores to keep everyone up to date. Early results include: USN 1 USJ 0 FRA 0 St George 2 BGA 3 St Mary 1
  8. Stats can be a bit misleading, but I did not watch the game. How is Greenville's team this year? Anyone know? They were tough last year.
  9. While it may be a bit surprising because it is on the road, I would not call that a huge upset. USN has been giving teams trouble lately. I believe they have put USJ out the last couple of years.
  10. Those who speak don't know. Those who know don't speak.
  11. French's little sister has been playing all season long for BGA to my knowledge. Older sister, on the other hand, played none during the regular season. I only posted after reading a post that she "was head and shoulders the best player on the field that night" against USN, sounding like a first-hand account of a situation I knew to be false. Sorry if I misunderstood your original post. It does look like she is beginning to get some very limited minutes now. First game back was not until postseason and she has not played against USN yet this year. But I am sure that having her in any kind of (limited) capacity is a welcomed sight for BGA.
  12. Not sure where you are getting your information: BGA's French has been injured all season and never stepped onto the field against USN. Whether BGA gets her back in any significant capacity before the end of the season remains to be seen.
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