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  1. Oh wow... I thought that game was at Westview last night. That's a twist I missed. Both of those gyms are tough places to play.
  2. Westview was the #1 seed in that district coming out of their regular season. Can someone from that side explain to me why everyone is seeing them winning and being in the regional final an upset?
  3. There are no excuses from that night. They are the only team to beat Bolivar since Christmas.
  4. South Side was definitely the best team in AA last year. Nothing against Wooddale because I think they had the best player
  5. That was a regular season game
  6. There are definitely 3 teams out West that are 20 points better than their competition in AA. South Side, Westview, and Covington. When they play in district their games aren't even close. Fayette Ware has young talent but won't get close to beating any of these teams in the tournament in my opinion. They're just not ready yet.
  7. Please consider Toris Woods from Bolivar Central High School for Class AA Mr. Basketball. Snapshot of his season and accomplishments: 2 time All District All West TN Leads team in scoring and rebounding while shooting 53% from the field. (BCHS is currently #2 ranked team in the state.) On pace for 1000 points. Averages vs. AA Opponents: 20 pts, 8 rebs, 2 stl Averages vs. District Opponents: 25.8 pts, 9.3 reb, 2 stl Averages since 1/19/21 (5 games): 30.2 pts, 11.8 reb, 2 stl (61% from the field) 2/2/21 - Posted a 45 point, 21 rebound performance vs. AP #5 Covington Should you need any other information please let us know.
  8. Big dog that's just not facts. Bolivar is one of the few teams that has LITERALLY scheduled all of the top teams trying to fill in spaces for teams that cancelled for COVID. All the Jackson teams North Side, South Side, and Sacret Heart cancelled. They beat North Side by 20 (really was like 30 because the 2nd team played most of the 4th quarter...) and led at South Side with 4 minutes left to play before South Side went on a late run to close it. Both those teams cancelled the 2nd meeting due to COVID. They couldn't get the Sacred Heart games played also due to COVID. Here's the kicker. They ended up filling in those spaces stepping up a class and playing 2 games with Arlington (Ranked 5th in AAA) and away game at Bartlett (10th in AAA; the game scheduled at Bolivar was cancelled...). Then they went 2 hours to the Westview Christmas tournament where they eventually played Briarcrest who started the season something like 15-0 in the private sector. They also scheduled MAHS twice and they qualified for the state tournament in single-A last year. They've also already beaten Fayette Ware who was picked to win their district. They've played one of the toughest schedules in the state this year EASILY. To say they're dodging people is crazy when the schedule shows you the EXACT OPPOSITE. All the teams everyone is mentioning are all the best of the best in West TN. The only team on the list I haven't seen is Houston. Arlington is the most well rounded team I've seen play. They have size and their guards are extremely talented. I was at the early season game where Bolivar almost won but Arlington was without their 6'9" center. When they played the second time with everyone playing it was a 25 point, highlight reeled blowout. They won by eight but that was because the 2nd team gave up a 10 point run with under 2 minutes. I'd give Bartlett the edge on the best guards. They're well coached, share the ball, and the team speed is undeniable. They just lack the overall size I've seen from some of the other teams at that level so it may be difficult for them to make a run but when your guards don't turn the ball over you have a chance. South Side and Bolivar are both guard heavy and lack size. I think they'll both make tournament runs and be a pretty even matchup come tournament time because their guards are talented and don't turn over. When they've played other AA teams they've been at least 15 points better in all the games. Fayette Ware is actually the biggest team in West TN in AA play. Everyone in their starting lineup is over 6'4" and their center is 6'10". There's a lot of hearsay out there but I've actually seen all these teams I just mentioned in person. My take...
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