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  1. Taking the following: Henry Co. Just because Clarksville.....Rossview looked horrible in jambore could NOT tackle. CHS by 35+ Riverdale...Think NE lost too much from last year and is rebuilding this year unfortunately. Northwest...Looked good in the jamboree except they were playing Rossview Hopkinsville...haven't seen much of either team here just going off of past circumstances Greenbrier...Not many players on WC....either quit or not out playing. Could changes be coming????? Because I don't know anything about these two teams I will go with Crockett Co. because of the others picking.
  2. I don't think RL even got an interview for HC. Seems like a lot of burned bridges. Some are correct he didn't beat MC. but what did he do his last few years here? Can't base what kind of coach he is off of one game. Will be interesting to see who is the new OC and DC.
  3. I think the following: 1. HC (Top of the class until beat) 2. Dyer 3. CHS (lost a lot on Offense) 4. Kenwood 5. NE (Lost a LOT all over the Place and New Coach) 6. NW (New Coach) 7. West Creek (Building is a continual thing. May have a good group coming in)
  4. By Kenwood. School is only about 10-12 years old.
  5. True against teams that have about same talent on the line as your team. The three teams in Clarksville: RHS, CHS, and NEHS usually have the best lines and records. NW, Kenwood, WCHS usually don't and have the worst records.
  6. Talent doesn't mean much without a Line. You can have all the talent in the world and not win many games because you don't have a line that can create holes and block for them. Just because you have skill talent doesn't go to being a great team. Some of the better coaches may not win many games because they don't necessarily have the DL/OL to help their team.
  7. only 2 teams I see making it out of first round would be Montgomery Central and CA. I think there will be one team looking for a new coach which will be Northeast. Hearing he may be leaving on his own. I believe CHS loses most of its offense especially on the OL, WR's and QB. They return most of its defense. Northeast loses a lot of offensive production and leadership(whether you think its good or bad). How each of these two teams can get QB's ready and replace offensive skill will be the question. Same goes for CA on offense. RHS loses some but not like last year. They may be the team to beat in the city next year. Hopefully. Still have to get a win in that first contest. Haven't been able to do that the last 2 years. Also will have to see who moves up or down because of the 20% enrollment figure.
  8. Then hopefully Factsonlygets his facts straight because the way he put it HC should be moved up.
  9. So Grove HS is just for 9th graders correct? and Henry Co. is for 10-12? So combine them at 1600 students enough to be moved up.
  10. sorry I should have said Graduate early to move on to college.
  11. hearing their coach may be leaving at end of season going on to other jobs. Especially since #6 may be leaving in December.
  12. I agree HC is a lot more disciplined and for that reason alone they will have a lot of penalties that will keep them from winning the close games. If they get behind it will get worse because they know they have nothing left to play for. No Playoff spot if they lose.
  13. Rossview has gotten better each week but still does not have the horses to compete against the top teams in the district. Coach has done a great job each year getting better during the season. Just needs to get the 1st game to a win.
  14. You have no Idea of the truth then. You want to blame something on him that is fine. Just don't make it for something he didn't do. It seems like you have an issue with him. Take it up with him. If the adults at NE did their jobs correctly then they would not be in this mess. Where did the kid transfer from? Who did they play this past week? All coaches and AD's should know the rules as when you do eligibility it is a question you have to answer. If they did not play a varsity sport at your school last year and they transferred in then you better cross your t's and dot your i's so something like this doesn't happen.
  15. 931Truth you have no idea who turned them in. I can tell you without a doubt it wasn't Sheppy. If you have a problem with him come out and give your name so you and him can get together. If the people in charge at the school did their job this would not have happened. If someone transfers in without changing addresses then that should send up red flags for admin.
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