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  1. I was reading back at some and felt compelled to defend the other coaches since they were slammed as well . Let’s start with Gary Smith , very nice and gracious guy . You got that right . Next I think you called him something like tyrant oh well what ever it was .,He did more for that program than anybody else cared to do in previous years . Upgraded locker room , can’t tell you how many times they had to reseal the floor after it got messed up by whoever. Did a lot to raise money for new uniforms and other things that had gone outdated . X-O wise plenty of in game adjustments and one hitters that always got the player open . Countless hours of film watching . Biggest problem was him trying to implement some of his stuff but also keeping Smith stuff as well trying to buffer that .,Too many changes . Different outcome if it was his team . IMO . I will give you the comment about the practices . Some of them drove me crazy but at sometime we were trying to find that leader on that team to take control when others started acting up . Never materialized and us as coaches failed there . So your right , just not all practices were like that . The other two assistants . One is now a head coach of a freshman team who more or less has the same philosophy as me. You know it’s hard to work a 40 hour plus job then come yell at kids all day . You would like to think after a couple times they would get it . I love what I did and thankful to Gary for letting me do it . The last coach maybe a bit unorthodox with some techniques , but an absolute BBall guru . Can watch a game and take so much away from it . Will have other teams plays and all options off of it . Will take a college offense and dissect the heck out of it . Can teach a 1-3-1 and with right talent give teams fits . All in all last year might have not gone the way everybody thought but the coaching staff wasn’t a train wreck . IMO. I Have too much respect for the new coach’s family to trash him as some feel I have . Never the intention. His brother I always thought was a good guy . His son a class act and a joy to coach . His wife super nice . As for the coach himself , I can’t really speak except from what people in my bible study said about him ., A great family upstanding guy . So I hope the coach can muster up something special for East tonight because last time they came to WH for a regional game 4 years ago it was over fast and got ugly quick . I wonder how many seniors would like that sweet revenge . Ok posters I am done . Good luck to everyone tonight and be safe.
  2. Jn2 it’s been kind of quiet on here this year just turning up the volume . Good luck to you hope you all beat maplewood . Should be a good game
  3. Pretty much everybody comments on coaching . It’s been a travesty for two years I feel this team under achieved . Being around some of them for 6 years . It hits close to home . When teams don’t achieve it’s usually coaching . I could put it on the kids but as most good coaches you don’t do that . Since you don’t know me or want to come talk to me . You don’t know what I know or how I would coach if this was my team . I will say this head coaching now days is a very tough job , especially with talented kids . You make me out to be trashing the coach . Far from that , do I agree with everything he has done , No , I believe he has evolved as a coach from the beginning of the year and have seen signs of huge improvemebt in certain areas in pieces of games . So please don’t think I am trashing you coach cause I am not . He has done a good job , but with addition of a talented transfer I would have expected more as I believe he did as well . Two wins in region and a sub state win can erase all of that . Anybody that has watched this team this summer I believe they all thought a trip to the glass house was the ultimate goal . Yes district 10 is the best district in the state . They are beatable though this year . I always have believed since last year sycamore and especially WH had the formula to advance . So please if you want to talk basketball with me just stop me and we can talk . This way you don’t have to blow your cover since I guess you don’t want people on here to know . I have a good idea . Not too hard . Have a great day today . God bless and good luck tomorrow night . Let’s get that W
  4. I know their is turmoil . I will leave it at that . If you want to put my name out there , at least get it right . Lol . Wonder why you left your name off .
  5. Well it’s fine to throw things around you have no clue about . You don’t know me . You don’t know my philosophy . I know a lot more than you think I do about what has gone on with the team this year . Yes Smith is a super nice guy . Last years team underachieved just as this years team has . Both in my opinion for the same reasons lack of discipline and philosophy in coaching to your talent . This years team has a chance to erase that underachiever next to their name by pulling the upset . And I guess you know I was assistant but nice to know you can hide behind your screen name . There are no sour grapes just have killed me to watch these kids underachieve these past two years . Yes I could have been more vocal but my philosophy I couldn’t force down their throat . I just try to call it like I see it . If that hurts peoples feelings sorry . If I have offended anyone else on here I apologize .
  6. Never said saylor didn’t deserve it ., Sycamore vs pearl . I just think pearl wanted to be opposite of east . Cant prove it though . Pearl best team over there . East right now are fighting with each other . The other night it was really bad . All on separate occasions # 0 , 23,24 .,arguing with each other and a coach . I believe even 24 dad yelling at the coach ..just don’t know how WH can keep them off the boards ., Harpeth no chance and heritage best chance . A team willing to take a charge and playing their best basketball . Pearl and east in the finals even I would like to see MLK and pearl again in the finals .
  7. I saw it tonight with same ref . Made the call stared at the kid for a good 5 seconds every time before going to the table . Awful
  8. J - why I think you were a sycamore guy . Crazy well congrats to you . I wouldn’t say this coach tries to outscore you though or he would have done something to quicken the pace . The one thing I don’t like about awards is why does the team that wins have to get the mvp . I am fine with reg season pick . But tournament mvp was 4 for WH by a landslide . When you lost by 7 that was part of that 8 game losing streak . You are tons better now and this should give you the boost . 9AA needs a win in region somebody win .
  9. Petronie mastered another championship , even though might have went into cardiac arrest when his players jacking 3’s up 6 late . All honesty this game cane down to pace and coaching . Petronie won both .? WH should have been pressing whole game since Heritage didn’t have any ball handlers . Guarantee Maplewood coach saw that tonight . Maplewood s only chance to beat them . 5 had one good look to take the lead and another desperation at the buzzer after a timeout .,Not sure what the play was . Again coaching . Hats off to both 4 seeds for winning the championships . Even though I put pearl under investigation maybe wanting to avoid east in the semi’s . Well maybe now they both get to go to state anyways .
  10. Don’t know what happened !! I can just imagine these days . If coaches worried more about discipline than winning , we wouldn’t have kids questioning calls or showing their butt as another person said . Yes refs need to do their job . So do coaches and the kids . Coaches work the officials kids play the game and hand the ref the ball and go on , not all the questioning and body language . Not all coaches are like this , but a lot are . Sad where our kids are going . I will discipline my kid if the coach won’t . He will respect refs or he will sit . He will learn or he won’t play .
  11. If 9AA ever had a chance it would be this year . Maplewood not that good . And sad east or pearl will not make it to sub state now . Most likely meet in semis . Loser goes home . I like MLK don’t see them beating pearl making them the two seed facing Sycamore in region . Would not shock me if they pull the upset since they have guards and a great coach . Mlk might just be too quick though . I honestly see the winner of 9AA beating maplewood and the two seed getting crushed by east . Harpeth at pearl name your score . 90-30 if they want . Nice to see some posts . J we will agree to just disagree . They need # 5 in the mix if they want to make a serious run . With both 4 and 5 getting their shots from their spots they are pretty tough out . With only 4 shooting 20 times a game and 5 5 times its do or die on one player . Coach at sycamore game put ball in 4 hands at end of game when 5 hadn’t missed a shot whole game and open for game winner instead 4 shoots contested shot not even close . They have a great record but really only should have like 4 losses . This team is built to contend with 10AA with # 4 but not by himself . The first four min the other night they played as a team . If ever could play 32 like that they could be scary . Anything short of region final is another underachieving year . I guess these days it’s hard for kids to play for each other . I feel sycamore plays that way well at least the 4 times I have seen them play in two years
  12. You should really re phrase your last statement . #4 has not made #5 the third best player on the team . The coach and offense has done that . I have watched at least 20 of their games this year . The coach will get all the credit since they got 20 plus wins . Let’s be real he has mis managed this team let’s one player do things and punish players for the same thing . Instead of putting the ball in the hands of # 4 and going one on 5 from the top and never passing , why not use both in a pick and pop situation . He is putting everything on # 4 and that’s sad that a coach would ruin a kid that worked so hard for four years and to be rewarded like this . I mean when he became the second leading scorer in school history . He goes 9/11 from the field for 24 points . Imagine what he could score if he had as many shots as # 4 .,. # 5 has been a true teammate thru all of it . He rarely forces anything to get his . He has developed into a great passer . To him it’s all about the team . Coach’s problem that he has not made it all about the team . It shows on the floor . A lot of times in turns into ME ball . Sad this team talented enough to make a run to the glass house . Just doubt they can do it , with the way their playing . Side note : watched semis of other side . Pearl is unreal very talented and well coached . East upset again in first round . A lot of bickering and coach lost the game taking the ball out of # 3 hands midway thru the third . Maplewood not sure how they ever beat east . Willing to take charges , will give you a chance on beating them . Not that good . MLK . Probably the quickest team there . Guard heavy . All can shoot the 3 . All quick as lightning . Light skin black kid is so quick and can stop on a dime . Big guy inside muscle guy looks like a TE . Maybe 6’2 . He hit a 3 but mainly just a rebounder . They beat east by running 1/2/2 full court press late . Mainly trapping once it came over half or bating you to throw long pass to the middle and with their speed picked it off .,I would say Maplewood is beatable but the other three will take a perfect game to beat them .
  13. Didn’t see it , but maybe they determined it was after the shot and they gave him 2 shots cause they were in double bonus .
  14. He is not player in the district . That might have been the best defensive game they played all year the other night . I would give mvp to 25 or 45 on sycamore .
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