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Everything posted by zoneread56

  1. Seems to be heading to a great matchup between WC and franklin for the region and if WC wins do you all think they can make a run deep into playoffs? They seem to have all the necessary tools to do it.. Interested in hearing you alls thoughts on this
  2. If KC can get that offense rolling and score at least 50 points I don't see how a small country mountain school from KY who plays terrible teams can beat them.. Even if belfry has D1 guys I don't see it happening.. No knock on belfry but their schedule is pretty cupcake
  3. BA came out and smacked Baylor in the mouth this game.. Baylor got down and had no fight albeit BA did get a little sloppy at times with penalties.. With the 2 most important region games back to back the bye week in the middle will help BA on the run to the playoffs.. They Look like the real deal to me
  4. If i had to pick 2 quarterbacks to have id have to pick the BA qb jeremiah oatsvall.. kid is just a winner.. and then I'm having a hard time making up my mind between the cropland kid from Bradley Central or the KC Qb cunningham
  5. you know a thread is messed up when the thread name isn't even spelled correctly
  6. can't wait to watch this game tonight! should be a great atmosphere
  7. catholic might win state in 4A but with the sub par defense they have i do not see them being a top 3 team in the state.. generally thats either the top 2 D2 teams or maryville.. 30 to morristown west and 42 to fulton is not exactly great defense and eventually that will catch up to them especially if they play greeneville or marshall county
  8. siegel will lose by at least 2-3 touchdowns... haven't had a decent year since stock graduated and from what I'm hearing wyants on the hot seat
  9. wouldn't say they are maryville equivalent in kentucky.. that would be trinity bc they have like 26 state titles in their history.. anyways belfry is really good and will be a good test for catholic on their quest to state.. greeneville and marshall county should be good a good game
  10. La Salle by a lot .... one of the better teams in country playing a rebuilding cbhs so it should be an easy game for la sale
  11. real question is will catholic beat belfry or greeneville? it looks like its headed to a greeneville catholic matchup in the playoffs
  12. gonna take SC in this one if they can figure out a way to stop dekalbs empty passing attack... if not well it could be a long night in the hole
  13. gonna ask some of the wilson county guys, what in you alls opinion is the problem at lebanon? they have a large pop to pull from and seem to have a good amount of athletes but never can win.. is it coaching, admin, players or what? interested to hear you guys thoughts on this
  14. might be one of the most accurate quotes I've ever saw on the T
  15. I agree with you.. BA and the other top D2 2A schools are a different beast.. heck you could even through in the top 6a schools.. its one thing to show out vs mediocre teams but i just don't see them as the best in the state as of rn
  16. I think BA will get this game imo.... i have seen both teams play and while both are good I think BA is slightly better... Trinity is a top 15-20 team nationally and BA was a few plays away from winning that ballgame but just couldn't get the stop they needed.. Baylor i will give them credit did beat Ensworth but they turned the ball over many times so that game was a hard one to judge for me.. With BA's combination of a super paced offense with really wide receiver splits and playmakers all around they are virtually unstoppable on offense when the tempo gets rolling.. This game will be won in the trenches for sure and should be a great game to watch!
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