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  1. I love these forums cause of all the assumptions people make. You know what they say about the word assume. I’ll let you figure that out.
  2. Science Hill envy much? Sounds like sour grapes to me.
  3. Sure was a lot of forfeiting going on across the state tonight. All the people on here flapping gums about this particular thread sure have a lot of crow to chew on!
  4. Why thank you! I’m sure glad your opinion matters to me. That’s sarcasm if you could not figure that out. So sorry that you disagree with my opinion. I will tell you I won’t lose any sleep over you.
  5. Well that’s your opinion! We know what can be said about opinions.
  6. And your opinion means what exactly? I don’t think I will pay any mind to a person calling themselves McNugget. It is what it is. A coach made a decision he thought was best for his kids! If the parents are not up in arms over it, then everyone else can take their comments and opinions and go kick rocks! Thank you for trying to be involved!
  7. Mayo Clinic states otherwise and it says 24 hours. So Tomato, Tamato.
  8. I couldn’t tell you how may where there cause I wasn’t there. From what I gather it was one experienced kid and a bunch of inexperienced kids. Would you put your inexperienced kids out in shark infested waters if you didn’t need to? To me it boils down to a team licking their chops to beat up on inexperienced kids, Science Hill chose not to use their kids as bait and they got the W they so desperately wanted, just not how they planned it out. Sometimes when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.
  9. Cute! Funny cause you obviously have no reply for complaining about something that you agreed with not even a full year ago. Sucks to eat crow. But laugh away and enjoy your little quips, just goes to show your thread was nothing but hot air.
  10. Incubation period of two days means for symptoms to appear. And three days on average to be contagious. So contracting flu Saturday, and we are on Wednesday that’s four days. Good try on being a smart butt. So you are also saying that the coaches made the best decision in their opinion for their kids. Sometimes making the right decision outweighs what the popular decision is.
  11. These kids were around each other all day Saturday. Most were diagnosed on Sunday. The average incubation period for flu is two days. Let’s do some math. Diagnosed Sunday plus two days would put us to yesterday at best, today, which is Wednesday would be two plus full days. Was there practice Monday, not to my knowledge. There is usually more going on than others realize. People put their kids in a coaches hands to make the best decision for their kids regardless of what others may do or say. Btw still waiting on reply for your comment last year over the “same” issue.
  12. Funny how one team can forfeit out matches after realizing they can’t win a dual, but another team does so for the well being of their kids health and it’s an issue. It doesn’t matter if there were 5 or 50 kids on the team. All were exposed to flu! Why on God’s green earth would you want to expose more kids at this time of year? It’s not like moving the dual to next week would affect anything. Sounds like someone was trying to cash in on one team’s misfortune and it backfired.
  13. Kingsport paper reads a lot of kids from Science Hill were sick with flu. It also says Science Hill asked to reschedule the dual only to be denied. My question is why wasn’t the dual rescheduled? Why would a coach want a team full of sick kids coming to their place, therefore spreading the virus? And what small memories we have. Didn’t DB do something very similar at region duals last year, with healthy kids? I guess pride is more important than kids health and well being. http://www.timesnews.net/Sports/2019/01/15/Science-Hill-forfeits-13-of-14-matches-in-bizarre-duel-meet-with-D-B
  14. Dennis Forbes from Orlando, FL has moved to Bristol, TN! Coach D has coached two number one draft picks from last draft, Austin Gomber of the St Louis Cardinals and many more. Once a scout for the Cleveland Indians and was the personal hitting coach for Brian McRae! Come check this guy out. 515 Melrose St, Bristol, TN.
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