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    CPA 28 BGA 0

    BGA lost their entire online and dline all started since sophomores. They have 1 Sr lineman and 1 lineman on the whole roster. They are weak in the trenches. The D1 skill guys are great but you can’t beat anybody good being weak up front. You lose front 7 to Navy, GaTech, UNA, ETSU, Centre, Sewanne, and Georgetown you are a paper tiger this year. Plus the cocky attitude you ripe for the picking. Not surprised at all by this score and I’m a BGA guy.
  2. Rodriguez from ECS new BGA coach. Coming back home should be a great fit.
  3. OC Schinder came 2 yrs ago. He was a very successful HC in Missouri before he came to BGA. Maybe Rodriquez from ECS.
  4. Roc Batten from BGA just get the Ensworth job.
  5. Roc Batten from BGA accepting the job
  6. BGA is too inconsistent to win 3 games in a row. Good athletes, can beat anyone and lose to anyone. Beat Webb once, lost a close one by 6 and got blown out once. Not sure they have the motivation to keep the season going. Only 3 Srs and only 2 play. First year coach who I think will be good, but hasn’t gotten control of the players yet. Lots of bad habits to break from previous staff. I will be surprised if they advance.
  7. Wow, this is quite a cuop for Lipscomb. I bet you will see kids transferring. It’s all about getting the players. BGA has really turned on the recruiting. They have athletes coming in like crazy, and I’m sure Lipscomb will now. I don’t think you would make a comment like this without giving Dilfer some assurance that he will have the resources he needs to compete.
  8. By the way #17, 21 And 11 for CPA are great kids. Good friends with my BGA son.
  9. Health is good. One of the LBs rolled an ankle against Webb, but luckily we didn’t need him last Friday. After losing half our lineman to knee injuries the last two years, we have been real lucky this year.
  10. BGA has really turned their play up several notches since last CPA game. It was competitive and a 4 point game in the 4 th quarter. Two of the very best coaching staffs in the state regardless of class. The difference in these two has been CPAs physical play wears down BGA. BGA made a few changes to the offensive line so now nobody starts both ways. The defense has been dominating the last 5 games. If they can hold CPA in the low 20s they have a shot. BGA has very good skill players. Five of which have D1 offers. Both teams have tons of SRs that have started since they were Sophomores. CPA definitely the favorite but BGA has a darn good team. I suspect it will be close in the 4th quarter. Can BGAs lines hold up?
  11. MTGVOL


    Did they really blame Webb’s loss on a 3rd string safety? BGA beat the s*** out of Webb. Webb literally couldn’t get a first down. The QB was pummeled just about every time he went back to pass. BGA punted 1 time all game and had well over 200 yards rushing and that isn’t even our strong suit. Boy I’m glad they didn’t have their 2nd string safety playing.
  12. MTGVOL

    CCS @ Webb

    Spartan, what do you think about this Friday? Webb has had our number recently, BGA. BGA is healthy and has good experience. Most starters have started since they were Soph. Seems we always have trouble with Webb. Maybe this year is different.
  13. I doubt BGA will win handily. Webb has had our number recently. I think we are better than them this year, but I expect a real tough game. The best thing this year is BGA is fully healthy.
  14. I would be shocked if FRA won. My son is a 3 yr starter for BGA and FRA hasn’t scored a TD on them in 3 years. FRA has decent size but zero depth the QB isnt great. They are scrappy but ND shouldn’t have a problem. The Webb vs BGA game will be alot closer than ND FRA.
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