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  1. He has to be the favorite at 138 this year.
  2. I would be stunned if Belcher is at 138 this year. I think he will move up maybe as big as 152 but no less than 145.
  3. They do have a transfer that was a state medalist from Texas. I think he will be at 195 but that’s just speculation on my part.
  4. Cleveland graduated McDaniel (1st), Bradford (1st), C. Laxton (3rd),and loses Chittum (1st) plus Gray at 195. That’s a lot of points to replace, however they do return 3 medalist A. Laxton (2nd), Randall (2nd), Ellison (2nd), and returning champs Fowler, Boyd, Davis. Based on what is returning they have to be the favorite I think. Everyone else is chasing and Wilson Central and Bradley return some talent also. Can Summit improve on last year’s improvements? I think they are headed the right direction and how long until they are in the contender category. Could be this year?
  5. 106 Ford from Independence vs Terrell from Bradley in the semis should be a good one. Fowler from Cleveland on the bottom who’s only losses are against Ford and Terrell. 113 Ellison from Cleveland vs Bradford from Blackman in the finals barring a big upset along the way for them. 120 Borders is the favorite. Laxton and Dindl should come out of the bottom. 126 Trey Bates vs Mason Sells 132 Not picking as I have vested interest. However Watkins, Deselle, Patterson and Fort on one side and Bradford and Shires on the other. They all have wins and losses against each other. 138 McDaniel vs Fort round two. I will come back and do the others later.
  6. This is the same way OW is decided at the tournament. Skyler Coffee won last year and was impressive but Tyler Seeley gave up zero points and won a state title. I would argue that the competition at Seeleys weight was substantially better. It’s a popularity contest and not based on performance. OW is about the tournament and not your career or season of work.
  7. I think it looks right as well although I think Bradley vs Wilson Central could be really close. I think that match comes down to bonus and maybe an upset or two. Bradley will have the advantage at the lower weights with the exception of 120. The keys will be 152 and up.
  8. There is no way they allow the general public in for the duals. The gyms are not big enough to hold that kind of crowd. I think they give each school a certain number of tickets and that’s it. Nothing will be sold at the door I imagine.
  9. 106 is a toss up match. Should be a good one. Terrell by decision. 113 Ellison by decision. Although he did get upset by Lipsey last year. 120 Laxton by decision. 126 is a toss up match. Randall wrestling really good lately. The James kid has been solid all year. James by decision. 132 No comment vested interest here. Looking at weigh ins I think it will be Patterson here and not Belcher. 138 McDaniel by decision over Belcher. 145 If its Chittum it a pin. If it’s Cooper I still like him by decision. 152 Laxton by Major. 160 Bradley by pin. 170 Bradley by pin. 182 Boyd by Major. 195 Bradley by decision. 220 Davis by pin. 285 McClure by pin. So I have it Cleveland 29 Bradley 27 This is without the match at 132.
  10. Cleveland will be there instead of the Knox Halls tournament.
  11. Anybody want to make some predictions.
  12. Spectators that are immediate family?
  13. I was told they came and looked at Raider Arena in Cleveland.
  14. If you mean as in an organized team workout that is currently a no. However there are a lot of kids that have home mats and home gyms available to them.
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