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  1. Baylor is adding a two time Tulsa winner from Michigan allegedly. No idea what weight he will be at but they will be loaded for sure.
  2. They were both at 126 for Southeast Regionals although they didn’t wrestle each other in either style. Both took losses to the Rigal kid from New York in Greco. Bradford lost 10-0 and Belcher lost by fall. Belcher finished 2nd and Bradford 3rd. In Freestyle Bradford won and Belcher DNP. I think a lot depends on line up choices as they will not see each other outside of the dual and region tournament.
  3. Science Hill has a great staff no doubt. I think what the numbers don’t really show is who will be stepping in for those who graduated. I have heard that Wilson Central is getting a kid back from Georgia. They also lost a State Champ and a runner up so how do they fill in those spots. Cleveland lost a big group but they had several kids who sat last year who could start at most places. They are replacing 132 (3rd),145 (SC),152 (SC),170,195 (2nd), 220 (4th), 285 (4th). That’s a lot of points among those who graduated. Can Bradley get some young kids to really make a splash? I think they proved last year that even when you think they are down they are always in the discussion.
  4. I look for Science Hill to surprise some people and make it into that fourth spot. They were very young last year and they bring back Bodo, Gillespie, Seeley, Mann, Frye and a lot of kids that got experience last year. Bradley’s feeder had a great year last year but they are 8th graders moving into Highschool. Big transition for those kids especially those above 126 pounds. Returning Points Science Hill 106 points with 9 qualifiers Cleveland 95.5 points 7 qualifiers Wilson Central 91 points 6 qualifiers Bradley 68 points 9 qualifiers
  5. I didn’t say we couldn’t I merely stated that is not what is done in other states. I actually like the idea of giving power to the board. It represents every corner of the state and there are some really great people on the board. Now will USA wrestling give its blessing for that type of configuration I don’t know but we can ask for it.
  6. No other USA state organization functions in this manner. I think the positions are clearly defined by the USA wrestling governing body. Not sure this is an option.
  7. It needs to be someone who has a few things. 1. Integrity and character. 2. Someone who wants the job and not someone being pushed into the job. 3. Has time available to do the job at a high level and not a half hearted effort. 4. The individual must have what is best for the kids and growing the sport as there first priority.
  8. Did I say something that wasn’t true? Was there not an option presented to them that made participation more affordable for everyone? How is that not the path we are choosing? How short sighted do you have to be to not understand that this is about control and power and nothing more. This has zero to do with what is right and in the best interest of the kids. That’s why I have a problem Mr. Anthony with the leadership of our USA wrestling organization. It doesn’t put the kids first and that is wrong in every single way imaginable.
  9. You know what is not in this survey? The common sense approach of making it affordable for everyone which has already been offered to the leadership. What an absolute joke.
  10. I can verify that it is true. You are absolutely right if the board allows for this not to happen they all need to go.
  11. Amazing that since this was posted that the silence from leadership speaks volumes.
  12. So why would they not announce it and how does that make any sense at all.
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