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  1. Anyone have an update on GP vs Fulton?
  2. Anyone got updates about scores this evening? My SD Cherokees beat Knox West 24-14. People should start talking about this team south of the river. The Cherokees defense is nasty. Powell vs Volunteer? Maryville vs Oak Ridge? WB vs Hardin Valley?
  3. Can we get any updates from the following games if people were there? Alcoa vs West Fulton vs Greeneville Powell vs Austin East vs Mo East South Doyle vs Mo West was a blowout. Elijah Young took first run 70 hards to the house. Score was 8-2 with starters or right around there. SD vs Knox West should be a lot better game next week. I am excited for that.
  4. I honestly believe that South Doyle vs Central game this year might be one of the best of the year. Central wants to prove that have what it takes to get back to state and SD coming off that horrible loss last year. I'm still taking my Kees over the Bobcats but it'll be a toss up come game week. SD's biggest advantage is returning 19 starters.
  5. South Doyle Schedule August 2nd Morristown West August 9th Knoxville West August 14th @ William Blount August 16th Jamboree vs Bearden
  6. Definitely a couple slip ups but there are bound to be some with the amount of research. Hopefully my SD Cherokees can prove their better than #7 come 4 weeks.
  7. Absolutely crazy that Fulton is listed at 87.5 over South Doyle at 12.5. People will see about South Doyle in week 0.
  8. 7v7 Report from the evening: Powell, South Doyle, Austin East, Knox Catholic, Kings Academy, William Blount, Gibbs, and Hardin Valley all met at Powell High School for a 7v7 event. Gibbs finally has themselves a QB who can actually throw. Looks like they will be moving a little into shotgun this year and run some form of a spread. Looks promising with their athletes. Austin East has some very good athletes and a good QB. Hardin Valley looking good and could be a sleeper but QB needs to get better. Powell is looking good offensively. Playmakers are a lot of freshman so who knows what Friday nights will bring. Cornerbacks are looking very small as well. They struggled more than I would have thought against some teams. Catholic did not look like their dominant selves. Of course, once they get their line they will be fine but QB play was just bad. South Doyle was the only team who went 4-0 on the night beating Catholic, Austin East, WB, and Kings. I think they scored on every possession. Powell vs South Doyle tomorrow night should be a very good matchup to watch.
  9. Do I think Crockett will go undefeated in the regular season? Yes. Webb will put up a fight against them but they will get the win. Playoffs last year they almost got beat by Halls although they did put a fight against your Bobcats. I think every year they will get to the playoffs against Knoxville athletes and struggle. QB is the real deal and they have a great receiver but the talent level just isn't the same in upper east tennessee. I have them going to the second round but getting knocked out by either SD or Central.
  10. David Crockett is way too overrated. Bring them down against some Knoxville teams and they start to struggle real fast. And I'm surprised an Oak Ridge team who lost so many players is ranked in the top 5. No doubt will still be good but I don't know about top 5.
  11. The big question I have on Powell is their offensive line. I think defensively and their offensive weapons are going to be great but that o line is mostly brand new. This year, with the strength of schedule they have, that o line will need to grow up fast and learn how to play together. That is my same argument against Central too. Their defense and offensive weapons will be just as good as last year, especially their linebackers, but that o line is small with the center being the only returning player. South Doyle has weapons everywhere and did not lose anyone from the offensive line. That is why I think they could come out over Central for the region this year, but that final game against Powell is going to be a great game. Surprised it will not be on Thursday Night Rivals this year!
  12. Gearing towards the first day of full pads and this awful 7v7 stuff can get behind us. Wanted to hear all the hype still out there however and what everyone was thinking about their teams. We all know I'm a South Doyle fan so I have to start there. Have heard their passing game has been extremely good as well as their defense. Young has been looking unstoppable in the open field. Although this is still just passing. Powell seems to be looking good with Trusley still behind center. I have heard Fulton is having a rough spot but their new QB has been starting to come together. Central hasn't been making a lot of noise in the 7v7 world but maybe that's a good thing? What's everybody's prediction for their team?
  13. Bearden did beat SD last year. SD had two kids tear ACLs in that game however who were both starters. Bearden's oline is very big but are all new starters and just cannot block a pass rush. I remember one play our defensive end got to the quarterback before he could even get to his first read. Oline play was awful by Bearden. Candela did not play and that would have definitely helped. Candela and Ironside are Bearden's saving grace. By looking at their schedule I don't see them winning more than 5 games unless they can figure out a lot of things. Elijah Young took the ball 85 yards to the house against them the first play of the game and broke maybe 6 tackles on his way doing so. SD is loaded with good talent but Bearden is going to be in a rebuilding year. Just did not look good defensively.
  14. Totally agreed. Two o line starters were out for us this spring plus our track guys. I am looking forward to our matchup again this year, hopefully it'll be better than the blowout last year. Should be for 1 and 2 in the region. Especially with you all getting Gaston back and that transfer from Carter.
  15. If anyone can figure out that offensive line I do believe it is Central High School. I have seen parts of the Farragut scrimmage. At times your o line looked very good, especially during run game. Seemed to me like Dakota had to scramble a lot as well which he is phenomenal at doing. Your returning center looks great. If your two big kids at offensive tackle learn how to get a little quicker off the ball, will be able to stop a pass rush better. But those guards looked very small to me. Line was HUGE last year and just seems to be small with seniors gone but I do believe they will have things figured out by fall. Farragut's defense also did not look like its normal self. There pass rush seemed non existence by d lineman but linebackers played decent. Those players at Central are completely bought in and will do whatever it takes. Again, all respect from over here south of the river. We were mauled last year so we have to prove ourselves this year.
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