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  1. With the addition of Tee Martin to the UT staff, his son who is also a QB is coming with him from California. The 6 foot 180 lb class of 22 QB has offers from USC, Bama, and Duke. Has he enrolled to a school yet in Knoxville or does anyone know something? I’m guessing he ends up at Catholic but didn’t know if someone has heard differently.
  2. I have not seen much talk about this game. Both teams come in 7-3 and should be one of the better games in East Tennessee tonight. What do y'all see as the outcome?
  3. knoxfan28

    Fridan Night Rain

    TSSAA makes the playoff schedule Saturday morning. If a game Friday night has playoff implications and somehow gets cancelled they will not be able to make up the game. Wouldn't you rather move it up Thursday and if it does rain Thursday you can possibly make it up Friday.
  4. knoxfan28


    Finally after two long weeks, it's game day. Should be a great atmosphere tonight!
  5. knoxfan28


    Agreed, going to be a great game. Hopefully my Kees can pull out the region championship.
  6. knoxfan28


    Central has a very athletic and aggressive defense for a quarter and a half. Then there two way players are tired and are not very aggressive. We can see that firsthand from both Tennessee High and Fulton. South-Doyle was up in that Bearden game and driving down the field to score again when their big TE got hurt. Seemed like SD was struggling to find rhythm without having that TE in the game. Now there offense has completely changed. With that big TE still in the game I think SD would have had a shot to beat the team that just beat Farragut. Doyle has a lot more depth than Central and I think that will be the resulting factor in this game.
  7. knoxfan28


    Central has too many players playing both way. I can see the first quarter having no points scored or Central coming out on top but they will get tired in a dog fight. They haven't had many of those this year. Young is back in full speed and Ball has averaged over 100 yards receiving a game since he has returned. Going to be a great game. I have SD winning 24-14
  8. knoxfan28

    Battle of the Bridge; AC vs Clinton

    Number 55 for AC does like to, for lack of better terms, "flop" when he gets hit. At AC vs SD scrimmage this summer, big 55's helmet came off and he decided to throw it at a player. First personal foul penalty. Two series later drove a player to SD's sideline and then did a cheap shot on a player and then acted like he was hurt. Got up two minutes later completely fine. Personal foul number 2. Don't get me wrong, I love a player who is a little dirty and gets a personal foul here and there but it seems like he can't be controlled at times.
  9. knoxfan28

    South-Doyle vs Bearden

    Bearden was a lot more physical than SD. SD shot themselves in the foot many times by penalties. Many penalties were SD's fault and backed them up big time but I believe some bad calls by the referees were made this game. I believe Bearden is the better team but 4 TD's better I don't think so. Some rough things I think SD will get worked out. First week Ball got to play and Elijah Young fought through a rough ankle injury. Big momentum shifter was big #15 getting hurt. I believe SD will still go far in 5A. Also, anyone know why big 93 was ejected? I did not get to see the play.
  10. knoxfan28

    South-Doyle vs Bearden

    Too big of a game for SD to prove themselves. Don't think many will be resting.
  11. knoxfan28

    South-Doyle vs Bearden

    I'll have to disagree with that. Two of the best coordinators in the area on the same team.
  12. knoxfan28

    South-Doyle vs Bearden

    While I do believe Gibbs was not as good as most teams around, it's not everyday that a team has a week to prepare for a triple option team which is a hard offense to stop and I believe SD did a great job with that. I think SD knows they still have to prove themselves and what better way to do that then stump a good 6A team. I think SD will be fully ready for this game and have the athletes on the field to win. It will be a good game though.
  13. knoxfan28

    South-Doyle vs Bearden

    Two undefeated teams coming into this Friday. South-Doyle has outscored opponents 144-31 so far this season and had to fight for the win this past Friday against Gibbs. Mason Brang had one of the best games of his career so far and the offensive line looks like they have finally got it together. The defense has been outstanding as well with playmakers all over the field. Who do you have in this tough non region game? I have South-Doyle winning 35-14.
  14. knoxfan28

    South-Doyle vs Knox Central

    Correct. Winner will host the winner of Oak Ridge Catholic.
  15. Haven’t seen much about South-Doyle recently. This Friday should be a good rematch from the later half of the season. Doyle won the first game 27-7. Seems like th Cherokees have been firing on all cylinders recently while winning 6 straight. Their QB, Mason Brang, is getting extremely confident and one of their star players Elijah Young had 362 all purpose yards againist Halls last week. Although Central’s defense is one of the best in the area in my opinion. What is yalls pick?