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  1. Clemmons over Ables is interesting. I think Clemmons lost to Fisak twice this year and Ables majored him
  2. I'll check with one of the coaches. And yes Centennial lost to Blackman earlier, but without there full team/ correct weights so i think Centennial wins now. And the thing is, is that somehow out of the random draw, 5 of 7 teams stayed in the same spot. Which is complete BS to say it is random because the likelihood of that happening is the same of it snowing in the Bahamas tomorrow.
  3. Blackman should start thanking whoever did the redraw. Now they walk straight to the semis. Funny how they redraw it Region 7 now gets Wilson Central in the 1st round and Cleveland in the 2nd round. I love that they draw live where people can see so we know its not rigged
  4. And your right, nothing will be 100%. But if you pay attention to each wrestler, and there match ups, and weights you can get a good idea.
  5. Lol I don't think Indy was a surprise. But you cannot actually think that Brentwood and Summit weren't the favored(for no reason). Go look at all of the coaches polls as they are constantly ranked ahead, as that is what I'm relating my statement to. Like I said if you live in Region 7 you should have known what was going to happen. I don't think Indy was a surprise though, they lost to Brentwood earlier because weight classes weren't set and dimelo got upset.
  6. Yea I mean I'm not saying you personally but as to this forum it should be. I had Indy and centennial for a while now because Brentwood doesn't move there weights around and Indy does. But to this forum it should be a surprise, considering opinions of people all season
  7. No, it should be surprising. As they were continually boasted as a top 8 team in the state. Especially by cbg, THE STILLWATER COWBOYS STEED. Please, like anyone on this forum thought Indy was going to beat them. All year it's been BRENTWOOD>SUMMIT>CENT>INDY by everyone.
  8. Just wanted to make sure. I remember you saying specifically that no one would have a chance in the region while the STILLWATER COWBOY was around...then centennial and Indy came around..
  9. I've only remembered people talking up Brentwood and Summit(Not saying you personally). A few mentions of Centennial and none of Indy. At least on CoachT. But if you are a parent/affiliated with this region personally, I think everyone already knew Centennial was going to make some noise. Also think it was fairly safe to say Indy was going to beat Brentwood for those of us that know wrestling and how to move weights around, but yet everyone still remained all on top of Brentoowd
  10. I don't know I'm not even supposed to drive and my mom left me home alone on Christmas
  11. Are you okay CBG? Heard your STILLWATER COWBOY didn't get in to state. Just wanted to check up on you
  12. Statistics always work. It just has to be more consistent. For example, I looked at one match you mentioned, Centennial vs Oakland. 4 varsity wrestlers didn't wrestle Oakland the second time around. A team like that that has 20 kids on there team, it will be a 12 point swing automatically or force you to change weights around at an attempt to win. So it's conditional on the match. That's where you have to investigate and put more time into it if people wanted to poll teams on the "actual" team and the team that wrestled. Especially around this time where kids are always getting the flu and cutting weight for decent plan. Different variable will always occur and have to be taken to account.
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