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  1. TrenchDawg


    Why is this not state sanctioned/why aren't more people pushing for it to be?
  2. My question is, it takes two months...for that??? Mind Blowing...
  3. Why are you guys so high on Kirby?
  4. Crazy that its taken this long. That school is a sleeping giant for sure. Not sure hiring from within would be a wise choice.
  5. Should bee a good game, the paying for both games seems a little odd though.
  6. Right, but after that one transfer if they transfer again it must be outside of 20 miles. I dont really have a problem with this. There are kids in some areas that play for 3 or 4 different high schools, without moving. If a parent has to move then no worries, they have one transfer without penalty. I feel like its pretty unlikely for a parent to move twice within a 20 mile radius in the span of four years. If this is not the right solution then something needs to be done because the way it is handled now is terrible.
  7. So the way I understand this is kids will get one transfer punishment free if it is to a different classification or division. Other than that it has to be outside the 20 mile radius. Is that what everyone else understands it as?
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