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  1. First of all that is not true at all. Im sick of the Haven faithful making it sound like their coach is the only one that makes it a "priority" to get kids to school. No, every coach or at least the good ones do what they can to get their athletes into school. You guys have some legitimate athletes. Look how many D1 kids Oakland and Maryville have in their history, not nearly as many as you all do. They do more with less. Almost all of the perennial powerhouses do.
  2. Well this isnt baseball, .500 is not very good in football. Something to be happy about getting there. But at what point are you tired of losing for the same reason?
  3. Because you shouldnt be 2-2. The havens lack of ability to score is atrocious.
  4. Fans dont play, so thats irrelevant. They wont have many, but these dudes dont care. They are well coached, and I dont mean in terms of City of Memphis well coached. They are gonna do some good things. I know who covington is and I am sure they will be prepared too. Sure it will be a good game.
  5. You guys should win any of those.
  6. Arlington, might not be by much, but I think they will beat them.
  7. I’m sure he does. He’s 5’7 mayyyybeee 5’8.
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