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Everything posted by TrenchDawg

  1. I dont necessarily disagree with you on that. Cordova did everything they could to give that game away. Desoto Central has never really just wow'd me. As far as scheduling goes I know that its tough. Just seeing if that narrative was out there anywhere.(Smith loading the schedule up knowing he was leaving)
  2. And quite possibly loaded that schedule on purpose. He did not get along with admin very well over there.
  3. So if a team loses by three scores the coach has lost them? Im confused.
  4. Not sure that he lost them, I think people just keep comparing them to last years team and forget that its a new year, a new coach, and new kids and its not last years team.
  5. Not sure how in the world Germantown is still ranked. This game will more than likely be over by half.
  6. I think SP wins this one. I just dont think Cordova will be able to get away with this one. It will be interesting for sure.
  7. I like the Miller kid at MAHS, I know Mitchell has some playmakers too I just think MAHS wins it.
  8. Yea it was a tough decision for me too.
  9. I think Houston runs away with this one. If you cant win a game that you had 4 takeaways in, then its gonna be really tough against a team that likely wont have that many turnovers if any. Houston has managed to put together another really good offensive line that is going to make that run game tough for anyone to stop.
  10. I think Cordova wins as long as they stay out of their own way with turnovers. Last years Germantown was exactly that, last year. New starters, new coaches. Im not doubting they have a talented team but you cant use how good they were last year and one game vs KIPP as a measuring stick. Cordova has plenty of talent across the board and should they get over the turnover bug should be pretty tough out for most teams.
  11. TrenchDawg


    Why is this not state sanctioned/why aren't more people pushing for it to be?
  12. My question is, it takes two months...for that??? Mind Blowing...
  13. Why are you guys so high on Kirby?
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