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  1. Please don't get on here and call out a specific kid. Regardless of what that kid did or said, it's not right to get on here and call out a specific person's mistakes. Especially when that person is a teenager. I'm sure some of them get on here and read this stuff. We've all said unkind words before. I am NOT condoning the use of foul language on the field, but when I played for McMinn in the mid-2000s, I had some nasty stuff said to me by Central players every year. It goes both ways. It's a rivalry. And when you add the fact that our facilities were vandalized this week, I'd say our kids emotions were running higher than ever last night.
  2. I still just dont understand how we can look so good against Red Bank in scrimmage and then come out and lay a complete egg against Walker Valley and Brainerd. How does that happen? Does anyone have any details cause i didnt get to go to the jamboree? Did we play our starters?
  3. Haven’t been on here in a while but what happened to us at our jamboree? I wasn’t there but did we not play our starters or something? I was kinda disappointed in those outcomes. Especially the 2nd one. I heard Brainerd wasn’t supposed to be good.
  4. This is off-topic, but where did Vestal end up/where will he end up? I'm assuming he probably put in for the Sequoyah job too?
  5. I mean I'm sure that he has. He has apparently put in for every head coaching opening around the area.
  6. We will be better, but not sure we can compete with the big dogs in our region.
  7. Alright, I hate to be “that guy,” and please don’t take this personal.....but for years I’ve always heard the same narrative concerning McMinn Central football - the same old “we have athletes walking the halls, but they don’t play football” statement. And I’m gonna be honest, I really don’t see it right now. I mean the boys basketball team was mediocre at best this year, and the baseball team has only won like 1 game?? And I’ve never heard of the boys soccer team ever being any good. So if there are big time athletes at Central who do not play football, how come these same athletes are not having success in other sports? Again, PLEASE don’t take this personal. I have a lot of respect for Central, and I think DD will turn the program around and be successful....But I’m tired of hearing “We have athletes, but they just don’t play football.” That narrative might have been true a decade ago or even a few years ago, but I don’t think it’s true right now.
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