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  1. Not very strange at all considering Marion was actually decent in ‘17. Trousdale beat the brakes off of them in ‘18. This year will be no different.
  2. Congratulations to Aaron Swafford, Gage Gardner, and Malachi Hayden from Meigs County! Also, congratulations to Hunter Barnhart, Colby Boyatt, and Kolby Morgan from Oneida! Region 2 is well represented!
  3. Any successful team has kids from other places! At least a few! That’s just a reality in small towns and small school systems....
  4. I would not put much stock into that. He was dressed out for Loudon as usual last Thursday night at McMinn County for 7 on 7.
  5. Most times, the principal makes the hire with input from the AD and/or superintendent. I guess every school system has different procedures for hiring though.
  6. Why in the world would they do that? Lol
  7. Bobby White resigns after 5 seasons.
  8. If they hire Davis, will Vestal stay on staff or go somewhere else?
  9. I have a buddy in Etowah who told me that there are some community members who are pushing for Vestal. Not sure if that is true, but who knows.
  10. Did Vestal end up interviewing this week?
  11. Any idea who else has interviewed besides DD? Just curious!
  12. Looks like they got one. Jon Rechtorovic. Never heard of him, but wish him the best.
  13. Is that the same Stone who was the OC a few seasons ago?
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