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  1. I'll take RB, but don't count out the Chargers. It's amazing what a few wins can do for a program, and I am sure they want to chase the feeling they had on Friday night.
  2. Doesn’t matter this week. The gapper’s ain’t very good
  3. Been waiting all year for this one. Let’s roll!
  4. Meigs Middle won 48-26 tonight against Dayton City.
  5. I just think it will be a big night for the Chargers. If I was DD, I'd try to put up more points than ever before. Regardless of what happened or didn't happen last year, I still think it's ridiculous that he felt the need to leave a place he had invested in for many years.
  6. Not specifically referring to our game. Just from what I had seen on video. You would’ve had to stop us on the ground too in order to win the game.
  7. True. But Polk gave up a whopping 47 against Marion and 29 against SBA. They also lost to Copper Basin....... Etowah shouldn't be cocky about anything at all, but I do think they get it rolling this week. This one will be a war! Really wish it was a Thursday game, so I could see it!
  8. I honestly did not think Greenback's running game looked bad. I think #1 is a baller. If the 'kee's can continue to improve on the ground, look out. I'll take Greenback by 2 scores.
  9. Poor Sequoyah.... Loudon by as many as they want.
  10. Greenback will be fine. I hope #6 made a lot of pies with all those apples he picked Friday night. Dude can play!
  11. It really is kind of sad to see. I remember those teams Polk had in the mid-2000s and up through 2013 - very dominant.
  12. This is a big week. We have to avoid coming out flat after a big, emotional win Friday night. Region play in Decatur - gotta love it! The place will be rocking again! Proud to be a Tiger and proud to support a program and a school system that do things the RIGHT way!
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