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  1. No regulations are being broken. Was speaking of some kids who lifted together over Spring Break before all the school's facilities were shut down. No team gatherings what-so-ever. Was just encouraging to hear about some kids working hard when they weren't required to.
  2. extra curriculars are shut down, yes. And i didn't mean they were gathering together as a team. I just heard a few of them were lifting together when they could over Spring break. But since then, all the school facilities have been shut down, so that's not happening anymore.
  3. Hate to hear this. Prayers for his family and the Pirate Football community. I was fortunate enough to sit down and read Stephen Hargis's book, Eight Hateful Miles, about a year ago. The book contains a great insight into the life and football career of Jimmy Wigfall - definitely a LEGEND.
  4. With all this quarantine business and social distancing, I am extremely bored, so I figured I would jump on this thread again. I am really excited for Fall 2020 in Decatur. Lots of talent graduating, but many great players returning. Word on the street is our young quarterback is working really hard and have had many players hitting the weight room together during this break. It's great to be a Tiger!
  5. Good stuff. Thanks for the info!
  6. Any idea yet what kind of offense and defense this guy will run? I know McKamey was double wing and primarily 4-3 on defense.
  7. I'm with you. Hate to lose such a great senior class and arguably the best player in school history, but there is good group returning. Lots to be excited about! I am proud to be a Tiger.
  8. Might have to play some. Hopefully his back will not bother him as much in 2020. He will be the quarterback either way.
  9. Doubt it. The OC has been doing this for a long time, and I would say he wanted to take a shot at being a head coach. I heard the DC is a younger guy who is pretty ambitious, so I'd say he wants a shot too. Might be wrong, but I've got a lot of family/friends in Cleveland, and I have heard nothing but good things about Coach Wheeler.
  10. I attended the Cleveland/Bradley game this past year. I thought play calling was pretty good - especially in the first half. Renshaw will be missed. He came in with Crawford right? That is pretty cool that he stayed for so long even after Crawford left. Hope things keep getting better under Wheeler. I like watching Cleveland.
  11. Heard that Tracy Malone was interested in this job.
  12. Greenback will continue to be great in 2020!
  13. Excited to host the Pirates! Not sure if we will be loaded, but it will be a good game. 2 great communities and programs.
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