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  1. I will try to come watch it.
  2. Is the scrimmage at GB or Meigs?
  3. Depends on how a few things go this off season.
  4. Do you think that Meigs is the best team that Peabody has played?
  5. Congrats to City! The more physical team tonight!#3 is a baller!! City’s big boys up front I thought played very well for the most part. Good season and good game to SP you all have nothing to hang your heads about.
  6. Honestly I think they were really close. SP couldn’t stop our passing game and we had trouble stopping your running game.
  7. 50/50 is not bad lol. It will be another year I think before we will be really relevant IMO
  8. Didn’t underestimate anyone! Just flat out wasn’t ready. We played a lot better in the 4th round than we did in the state game. In the state game we looked flat.
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