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  1. I’m not sure if they have found anything or not lol but that was the only thing that looked ok. I thought R2 would beat R1 I’m not sure after watching the game Friday night. Cland might make it to round 2.
  2. Harriman’s line play was probably the bright spot for them Friday.
  3. I agree completely. That game if it happens will be a great game to watch.
  4. I think there will be some close games in the playoffs. Especially IF we make it to the 4th round. That other orange and black team down south will be a hand full.
  5. They had seven most of the time in the box and sometimes eight lol. Man on the outside doubled Holden all night so that opened up the rest of them. I would like to see GB come out and play with more fire and quit looking so flat!!!
  6. If Coalfield plays the way they played us then you will get the W. Bobcats did get a couple of starters back after they played us so better not come out flat.
  7. I agree, I believe Coalfield will finish in 2nd place unless the Coalfield team I watched at midway shows up then I like OS chance.
  8. Best thing about this one is it is st home lol.
  9. I’m guessing king is in charge of the weather up there on Friday’s. Lol
  10. +1 they may have the upper hand at the line of scrimmage. Like one of the other posters said and I agree that games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage.
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