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  1. Of course not. There are several loopholes and rules that aren't definitive, so it's really not cheating.
  2. Thank you for the advice, o wise one. After reading your comment I immediately sought out a safe space. There were others there that I could wail with as we gnashed our teeth while wearing our tinfoil hats. Due to the social distancing rule we couldn't do the group hug thingy, though. I finally drifted off to sleep as some of the others were crying for their mommies.
  3. The sky isn't falling in everyone's world.
  4. Not really, since they're just closed down for academics and mass gatherings.
  5. Were you really serious with this post?
  6. Will the TSSAA allow the remaining 4 teams of A, AA, and AAA to continue practicing basketball? I'm sure some of these girls will be participating in other sports that will qualify for Region, Sectional and Spring Fling - so they'll have a tough decision deciding which one to choose.
  7. You're correct. They beat region 3AA champ Meigs in a sectional game.
  8. Did Bradley not charter any pep buses for the students wanting to come? All the other teams had a great section of students cheering for their team.
  9. I usually attend every year and this years' attendance for opening day wasn't off much, if any. In past years having a couple of 'boro area teams really jacked up the attendance.
  10. Happy for the Upperman girls representing region 3AA so well with the adversity they've been though after the F4 tornado. I hope it it's a region 3AA final between Macon and Upperman.
  11. Gee whiz, I tease bearettesalltheway about his foot-in-mouth incident and he disappears from here. I was really surprised with the very low turnout of Bradley fans at the game today. AAA tourney teams look to be down a little overall compared to past years. Stone Memorial impressed me more than any team playing today. Whitehaven and Arlington looked good.
  12. Quoting you from Sunday: "Lebanon should be a easy game for us." I'm reminded of my youth, where I learned not to count chickens before they hatch. Perhaps crows would be more fitting in your case.
  13. Stone looked awesome! Surprised that Bradley doesn't have many fans here at all.
  14. I'll go with your picks since you've seen most of them play.
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