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  1. It will be a great game regardless. The team with the fewest mistakes.....You know the rest
  2. That game against Soutside, Union City should’ve won 28-7. The fumble in red zone by SS that was a miss call and the “fumble” in the back of end zone by Tilghman should’ve pushed them ahead by 2 tds and SS would’ve laid down. Refs kept them in the game
  3. The SS secondary and linebackers may be faster than USJ but UC will not see a better d line than they saw in USJ. My opinion tho
  4. Don't be surprised with a Madison Academic upset over Booker T. If Booker T can't stop transition offense, it will be a loooong night for them.
  5. Madison shot 70% from the field against Peabody. When they played UC their % went down tremendously.
  6. No thats not true. If they slow the game down, Dixon will not be able to get the ball as much. He will have fewer time to work with than normal. Same with Madison Academic! They scored all points in transition and UC slowed it down and won.
  7. Expect a really close game with MAHS and Union City. #11 for the Tornadoes will take over the game. UC by 4.
  8. I beg to differ. Union City is known to be able to slow the game down. Dixon will have a good game but the amount of times he touches the ball normal will be decreased significantly. Union City wins in a close one.
  9. Harriman Oneida Fayetteville Eagleville East Roberston Loretto Union City Madison Academic Magnet
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