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  1. Nobody is paying attention to you because you are annoying
  2. I agree with this, I think they could have been a lot better than they were. No reason they shouldn’t have won a state championship while they were there.
  3. Thank you BeltonIHOP for that useless information when he is .800 against trash can teams. And under .500 when he plays good ones.
  4. I am a family friend to somebody who plays there right now. Apparently you don’t know the truth or you wouldn’t be saying what you are about his coaching right now.
  5. Well if a coach and or his wife has to get on here and see if he’s being talked about and then step in when he is I think that speaks for itself when it comes to his coaching. And I don’t have kids but if I did I’d be fine as long as they didn’t go there.
  6. I agree eagle, I think coach Buchanan does a great job with the NG program. I think they have the talent and will put the work in this offseason to contend for the class A State Championship next season. I said what I said! Things that make you go HMMMMMMM! Good thing they aren’t going to be that good this year. And are just going to continue to decline as the seasons go on. He should probably just retire soon.
  7. He wins because he plays trash teams when they play good quality teams they lose. What’s his record against quality teams? Got beat by several teams this year, that shouldn’t have even competed with them.
  8. Because Buchanan is terrible coach.
  9. Rumors has it that would be a mistake if she wants to have a good high school career.
  10. He coached like he didn’t care and they played like they didn’t care. The lack of support was also probably a slap in the face to the girls, who felt like they had no support and nobody to back them.
  11. Once again Buchanan got out coached in Murfreesboro, will never win a state championship
  12. Any ideas on how the NG vs McKenzie game will go?
  13. Isn’t your team at home right now?
  14. I believe you won’t considering they start Monday and nobody has stated any changes
  15. Well considering NG had to make multiple trips to Carter County this year I think their schools will be just fine driving to Morristown.
  16. Well I think carpenter is a better coach and gets more out of his players, that’s why it’ll be a good game. But I think north greenes experience and veterans get them through it.
  17. I see Hampton giving ng some fits considering they have played them close the past two times they’ve played. May see an upset Friday.
  18. North Greene and Cloudland this Tuesday at NG. Who we got?
  19. I’m calling Unaka because nobody can match Ramseys scoring from ng
  20. Jason Britton Sophomore Guard from North Greene High School 20.5 ppg 4.7 rebound 2.0 assists 2.5 steals 60% field goals 40% 3’s 80% free throws
  21. Lyndie Ramsey 25.8 ppg Don’t know the rest but I’m sure they’re pretty dang impressive too. Not to mention she carries her team singlehandedly every night. Best player in region 1 by far.
  22. Starting to see a couple more players become offensive threats adding on to the ones they already have. Very disciplined defensively. Good to see them get some good wins to get their confidence back up after some of the beatings they’ve taken. Curious to see how much better they’re gonna get as the season continues.
  23. How do you know she is practicing again already? Did you hear that or actually see it?
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