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  1. I knew Oakland would run the ball up and down the field on Summit. One of Buck's recruits James, is the best back in RC at least since Ralph King. The other recruit Horton is a baller too. It will interesting to see the new recruits for Oakland in this next cycle. Their roster is never as it appears. I can think of additions like the Olivers from La Vergne, Joseph Anderson from siegel, Kody Sparks, recently the Hewitts from the 'Dale and one everyone is forgetting is Riggs from Christiana the best middle school lineman in RC a couple years ago. I always thought that Christiana kids went to Riverdale or Rockvale. Creasy is a good coach, but it's always easier when you have the best players in your county and other places that miraculously just show up.
  2. I agree with some of your post. I however lean with Oakland because they have recruited better players than what Summit has. Lots better and they continue to do it. I still say Oakland by 28.
  3. Buck's recruits and the RC All-Stars have played a much more difficult schedule than Summit. I am aware of the twins but there is no way Summit stays with in 10 points.
  4. Buck's recruits and the Rutherford County All-Stars by 28. Summit's home grown boys can not compete.
  5. This is quite possibly the most ludicrous statement I have heard on the coachT message board. So let me get this straight now, James, Horton and Hewitt have nothing to do with Oakland's success?
  6. This game will be a blow out in favor of Oakland. They have the NPA recruits back for another year and they are cherry picking players from Rutherford county. Noticeably the other teams in Rutherford county are paying the price (mediocrity).
  7. Apparently Maryville does not remember last year. This game will not be competitive. The Buck recruits and the collection of Rutherford County All-Stars will be on full display.
  8. This game went about as expected. The NPA (Buck) recruits and the Rutherford County All-Stars could have made it much worse.
  9. Buck's recruits and the Rutherford County All-Stars by five touchdowns.
  10. Since Smyrna is in the west side of the bracket and they would have won there could possibly be 3 Rutherford county teams playing this week. For instance Oakand, Riverdale (had they won) and Smyrna in the west side of the 6A bracket (had they won).
  11. I was not aware of all this. That explains a lot of things.
  12. I agree Lebanon is good. But Rockvale loses to 4-6 Shelbyville and Smyrna loses to a 4-5 Gallatin team and could have still been mathematically alive. Blackman and siegel failed to qualify for the playoffs.
  13. I am aware of all Buck's recruits, raiding the Metro privates for James and Horton, Oakland's QB transferring from Riverdale and the Pats hoarding all the talent, but still no other Rutherford county team makes it past round 2. I never thought I would ever see that day.
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