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  1. Tullahoma needed a clean game just to keep it close. Unfortunately they’ve not played clean at all. 23-0 Page 2nd Q
  2. I think the Tullahoma defense and special teams will keep this game close for a half. I really think the defense is that good. I think you just have to hope to get to the 2nd half and just see if you can create something. I’m afraid the defense will wear down just like the Shelbyville game unless the offense can get something going. In addition, Tullahoma will need defense/special teams scoring. Hoping for a good game, I’ll be making the trip. Go ‘Cats!
  3. I’m not sure of a running clock. Tullahoma’s defense will hold Page to much less than Franklin County did. Unfortunately it won’t matter because the offense won’t be able to muster enough to compete.
  4. Good win for Tullahoma. That defense is good. Had it not been for undisciplined play, a pick 6 would’ve made it 17-0. Page is a different monster though. Still, congrats on the win tonight.
  5. The Tullahoma defense is doing their part. It feels like they’ve got to answer again to start the 2nd half. It doesn’t seem like their offense can handle a 14 point deficit.
  6. Tullahoma returns opening kick for a TD.
  7. Tullahoma defense is giving up 10 points per game. I’d be shocked if they give up 38 points.
  8. I also think defense is the difference. I’ll take Tullahoma. Not sure how much but I’ll say less than a TD.
  9. The Tullahoma game was an odd one tonight. It seemed like the Wildcats could’ve won by way more but didn’t capitalize/made little mistakes, although it still wasn’t as close as the score indicates. The Tullahoma defense is legit. Shelbyville hasn’t played a defense that good this year. If Tullahoma can stop the run, and I think they will for the most part, Tullahoma should be able to score some. I think they’ll win a close one next week.
  10. Yes! Poorly lit, out of food before half, and bleachers are tiny.
  11. IF, Tullahoma wins out, it would be foolish not to give them a chance against Hillsboro. Just my opinion.
  12. They certainly tried to play down to them in the middle of the game. Tullahoma seems to go into a lull in the middle part of games sometimes. Tonight they did what they were supposed to, beat a bad team. Their fitness seems to show in the second half also.
  13. The path is clear for Tullahoma now. Beat Spring Hill and lockup #2. Add a Shelbyville win and get #1 seed.
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