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  1. Whatever happened to Unaka? Their baseball program used to be really competitive.
  2. Hamptons guards has to take care of the basketball down the stretch. They don't play well when they start being conservative on the offensive end. Get the basketball and go play and attack. Lyons looked good today which I feel he needs to touch the ball alot more against Robertson early. I assume by watching the Robertson game Hampton will pack it in and make them shoot the ball from the outside. Robertson is going to have to pressure Hamptons guards and try to force some turnovers early in the game. They also need to have a few kids step up and knock down some perimeter shots to open up the lanes to drive the basketball. Also Robertson has got to push the basketball in transition and look to attack the rim. I think Hampton wins this one by no more than 10.
  3. I can see the Upperman vs Elizabethton game coming down to the wire. Both teams will be well coached and prepared. Both teams usually shoot the ball fairly well and play at a good pace. Elizabethtons biggest threat is their ability to shoot the three. I don't think you can really game plan around just 1 player because they all can attack and shoot the basketball. Upperman is always a good defensive team so I don't see Elizabethton getting a good amount of shots that aren't uncontested. I look for Elizabethton to spread the floor and drive the basketball to free up some open looks from the outside. Defensively I'm not sure if they will play a 94 ft game with Upperman. More than likely they will rely on playing man to man in the half court. Regardless it's going to be a great basketball game to watch and good luck to both teams on making it to the boro.
  4. Who's the top 5 in AAA if you had to go out on a limb right now in the season?
  5. I don't see that happening anytime this year.
  6. Elizabethton is loaded the next 5 or 6 years
  7. Looks like someone is still bitter over football haha.
  8. Who are the favorites this year? Hasn't been alot of talk about this conference on here so far.
  9. I think because East Hamilton said they wasn't coming back to play today. I could be wrong though.
  10. I don't think the officials was ever going to allow Dr Phillips to play. There isn't a year I haven't went and watched basketball over there that you get a game like tonight rather it be Science Hill,Dobbyns Bennett or tonight's case Greeneville,Against one of the top teams from out of state that they feel like they need to put on a show instead and make the game about them instead of call the game correctly. Between 2 of the officials in that game tonight they probably have around 35 years under their belt and you blow a charge call against Dr Phillips when then kid from Greeneville was falling backwards before contact was even made. Did I think Greeneville played well enough to win? Yes. But the point is Dr Phillips never got a fair shake in that game.
  11. Agree to disagree. I do think Dr Phillips played very undisciplined down the stretch.and give Greeneville credit they made some big plays But the refs took that game over and made it about themselves and making sure Greeneville stayed in that ball game.
  12. Gillespie played like a man among boys,but the officiating against Dr Phillips was absolutely pathetic especially with the veteran crew they had on the floor.
  13. Greeneville hanging tough so far.dabbs did a good job of knocking down some big shots early or it could have gotten really ugly.
  14. Predictions for tomorrow nights games? Dorman Jonesboro Tampa Catholic Dr Phillips
  15. #15 from Amarillo is the most complete player in the tournament from what I have seen so far. Kid can shoot the lights out anywhere on the floor.
  16. Phillips is going to be a tough out. If Greenville can get their big man in foul trouble early and slow the game down than they can possibly make a game out of it.On the flip side if Gillespie gets in foul trouble I could see this getting very ugly.
  17. Greeneville has not looked good tonight against Union.
  18. I don't see this one being much of a game. Possibly might make a game of it early but Greeneville by atleast 15 to 25 in this one. Science Hill just ran through Union a little over a week ago.
  19. Hampton is definitely a team I wouldn't want to run into in the first round down in Murfreesboro. They play 94 feet,their long and athletic, shoot the ball extremely well from the perimeter and they're bench is very deep . Very well coached and they know how to adjust well to each opponent. Having said that Hamptons only downfall that might hurt them is their conference is pretty weak outside of North Greene which could end up down in Murfreesboro as well. More than likely that will be your regional championship game and regardless I don't see Hampton or North Greene losing on the road. There's a big difference between what either of those teams will play their last two or three games compared to the likes of a first round matchup against Peabody,Union City or a Clay County for the second time . But there's no question Hampton is talented enough to win a game or two down in Murfreesboro if not the whole thing.
  20. You would figure with this being one of the strongest fields they would have something posted about it on their website or facebook unless I missed it.
  21. Is there going to be a for sure capacity this year or not?
  22. Did he pickup any technicals in the DB game?
  23. DB must have played their tales off last night against Greeneville.
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