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  1. Boone losing about 19 seniors, but not their QB, RB or defensive player of the year. If they can get the linemen in tune I think it'll be a reloading year. 2nd string got lots of playtime in many of the games. If all the Jrs come back they should have another strong senior class of about 15.
  2. West was really, really good. And I've been told good sports too... no extra shoves or after the whistle activity etc. Good luck to West the rest of the way. Was surprised how inefficient Boone was without starting QB.
  3. Ya, we've heard you all year long. I believe the first post this year was something you heard from the coaches about the QB not being any good? Boone's offense on the "struggle bus" is another of your famous quotes. Jenkins is #8 for passing yards for Class 5A in the state. Aiden Riner is #16 for rushing and that's with missing 2 games. Seems to me they move the ball just fine- and more than enough to have the best record the school has ever had. Short fields have helped but it didn't stop them from getting the yards when they needed to. After this week no one is in the mood for anyone who doesn't believe in those boys. They may get stomped tonight but until the buzzer sounds true fans are going to bet on the blazers.
  4. Players are far more concerned with winning this game and who's the next man up than any locker room drama. As I mentioned before- no familiar faces are missing due to punishment so the team isn't giving it much thought. I was told backup QB looking good at practice. I'm hoping West is assuming Boone will be one-dimensional and the Blazers come out and shock everyone.
  5. @blazer1set I thought it was only the 2nd time in school history to go to the 3rd round?
  6. Sounds like they think a torn ACL for Luke. Don't count out the Blazers just yet though. Brogan stepped in and although didn't do much through the air he scored 3 TDs running. Also defense, special teams still rockin' Brogan was the team's QB all through middle school and freshman year until Luke came to the school. Give him a week of taking reps and Boone can give West a game.
  7. I guess more than 1 is technically "multiple"... but the media over exaggerates everything. 99% of the team wasn't involved and isn't thinking about this at all. You won't see any familiar faces missing tonight. Play on.
  8. From the looks of the film, this year's Central is a completely different team from last year- in players and skill. As for Boone- all but 3 starters from last's year team are back but with much more experience.
  9. Boone's kicker does it all- kickoffs, extra points AND Punts. It's really his punts that sets him apart. Boone is at - what- 3/4 safeties and 1 or 2 defensive touchdowns because of his punts pinning them back inside the 4. He's also perfect on extra points. And oh he just kicked a state record 54 yard field goal last night. His nomination is spot on.
  10. Boone will win this one. They are banged up and Hampton was a wake-up call so they'll be refocused this week- plus they are back at home.
  11. The Boone student section comes on the field after every win. The coach waits for them to all gather around before he makes his speech.
  12. By the end of the game Boone had lost a total of 5 starters to injuries. Defense really struggled against Hampton's run game and offense seemed to be in a bit of a shock to come out on the field being down 8 points for the first time all season and just couldn't make plays. QB uncharacteristically turned the ball over more than once. Second half more like the way Boone's been playing all year. Big plays, big stops. TBD if they'll be healed enough to make a run in the playoffs.
  13. Come on- that was your prediction for the Musket Bowl, too. And Boone scored a few more than that...
  14. I think Boone COULD beat Hampton by that much, but won't. As soon as Boone gets a 3 TD lead so far this year the coach has called off the dogs. Even in that crazy Cherokee game starters were out before half and Boone had 3rd stringers still scoring TDs. But the rest of the games once there is a big enough lead he's been keeping it on the ground, avoiding turnovers, eating the clock and trying to keep starters healthy.
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