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  1. ohreally

    Article on Cruze

    If only sports were played for the simple love of competition. Too many individuals place too much importance on sports and athletes. Money has ruined sport. I am afraid "it is just a game" is no longer a valid statement. However, I do agree that it is just a game. Some high school athlete's only chance to move to the next level is to have stand out high school careers. When coaches, fans, parents, and the media take the fun out of the game, the athletes are the ones who suffer. I would hate to be a high school athlete these days with all the undo pressure placed on winning. Winning is always better than losing. However, winning and not having fun while winning seems so empty and senseless.
  2. ohreally

    Article on Cruze

    It is most unfortunate that a high school athlete has to endure all this tripe. All decisions, whether they be right or wrong have consequences... as everyone involved in this sorry situation will discover. It must have been a slow news day in Knoxville for the editor to decide that this article deserved to be in print. Furthermore, for this article to be printed on the front page is an indication that the importance of athletics in this part of the world is way out of bounds. Athletics are important, but not to the point of vulgarity.
  3. ohreally

    Congradulations T.T HARPER 3A MR. FOOTBALL BACK

  4. ohreally


    Thank you, Snagglepuss!
  5. ohreally

    Oak Ridge vs Sevier County Predictions

    rabidwildcatfan, How does a thread entitled "Oak Ridge vs. Sevier County Predictions" turn to negative rubbish? You sound like a half-way intelligent person with your response, "If you are sick of these posts, don't read them! Seems simple." Thanks for your advice! I think I will take your advice a step further and never again concern myself with Oak Ridge football. 4 years ago I was totally consumed with Oak Ridge football, but it is no longer worth the hassle.
  6. ohreally

    Oak Ridge vs Sevier County Predictions

    I am sickened by the same old BS on these Oak Ridge threads. No one has bad-mouthed the players. Some people like the coaches and some don't! Coacht provides a great forum for sharing opinions, but the Ridgers keep beating the same dead horse and it is getting quite old. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You either like or dislike the Oak Ridge coaches. But please, stop posting the negative comments; stop the name calling; and stop all the petty, little arguments. Relax, enjoy the playoffs, and chill out until the season is over.
  7. ohreally

    Oak Ridge vs Sevier County Predictions

    How was the attendance at the Soddy game last Friday?
  8. ohreally

    Oak Ridge vs Ooltewah predictions.....

    I appreciate the fact that the CATPACK has ceased derogatory comments about the Oak Ridge Football program during the current season. Whoever the CATPACK is certainly is aware that criticizing anything concerning Oak Ridge football during the season would be counter-productive and possibly detrimental to the players. I am probably the only person who thinks the CATPACK somehow had a positive influence on the Oak Ridge football program. I do know that there is a significant difference between last season and this season. Perhaps, a certain individual who could make a difference took the off-season criticism to heart. Furthermore, I believe it is quite narrow-minded and childish of a certain Oak Ridge "fan" to keep bringing up the CATPACK. The CATPACK has kept their mouths shut and you should follow their example. This thread is about Ooltewah vs. Oak Ridge! I apologize for getting off the subject of the thread, but I was compelled to comment.
  9. ohreally

    Best Newspaper Coverage....

    OS91, I strongly advise you to use spellchecker if you are going to be involved with the writing or production of a sports newspaper.
  10. ohreally

    best managers staffs in TN

    Who has the best chalk lines? Who has the best cheeseburgers? Who has the best parking lot? Who has the best bathrooms? Who has the easiest stadium to find? Who has the best game time weather? Who has the best players, coaches, cheerleaders, fans, student section, fight song, referees, goalposts, chain gang, Freshman, JV, middle school, mascot, announcers, manager staffs, etc... When will it all end? STOP THE MADNESS!!! LOL [Edited by ohreally on 10-11-02 8:28A]
  11. ohreally


    The Oak Ridge subject has been beaten to death. All... and I do mean ALL of the detractors are keeping a low profile. The Oak Ridge football savvy fans/detractors aren't stupid... they are going to let the season play out. The season is not over and nothing will be said by anyone that would possibly distract the team. The focus at the present time is on the remaining schedule... William Blount, Farragut, Ooltewah, and Soddy Daisy. Right now Oak Ridge is 5 and 1. Their only loss was to 3A cross-county rival Anderson County. Looking at the rest of the schedule it is possible Oak Ridge could go 5 and 5 for the season... or, they could go 9 and 1. Let's wait and see.
  12. ohreally

    What's a true fan?

    The definition of the word fan (or fanatic): A fan is one who exhibits excessive enthusiasm and intense uncritical devotion. Notice the word uncritical!!!
  13. ohreally

    Radio Announcer displays poor sportsmanship!!

    Thelma, Congratulations on the success of your team. Kudos to Jacob and Jonathon for their athletic ability and the possibility of their moving on to Division I. I don't know Jacob or Jonathon nor have I ever heard of them. You mentioned someone was shouting profanities. Is this what the announcer labeled as "classless"? If this is the scenario and even if this is totally out of character for your players, why is it wrong for the announcer to voice his opinion? Is it politically incorrect to point out bad behavior?
  14. ohreally

    Radio Announcer displays poor sportsmanship!!

    Out of all the posts on this thread, not one person has indicated that they have first hand knowledge about the subject. Perhaps the most insightful post in the thread is by Indian... "I would bet those who were at the game know what prompted the comments by the announcer. For some reason they'd rather just focus on his comments instead of telling everyone what happened. I was not there, obviously, so I can't say for sure until someone with some credibility explains things on here. But maybe someone is afraid we would agree with the announcer?" One thing that is occurring in sports these days is the classless lack of sportsmanship. It all started with the professional athletes and their "look at me" attitudes. Unfortunately, the professional athletes' behavior has filtered down to every level of sports. The taunting, pointing, and dancing after a play is over has no place in sports. Call me old-fashioned, but I truly admire the athlete who makes the outstanding play and goes on as if nothing happened. The athlete does his job on the playing field without any tribal dances or any choreographed displays to draw attention away from the team aspect of the sport. I would really like to know what happened and what the announcer actually said. Bottom line... I agree with Indian's post, "...maybe someone is afraid we would agree with the announcer."