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  1. I seriously doubt that the talent pool has gotten that shallow. Maynord always got the best out of what talent he had to work with. Not to mention the voodoo curse he had on LA!!
  2. Can't believe you left Arms off that list! The Coe, Arms and Strong teams would beat this years team by 20 consistently.
  3. Not trying to start anything but does anyone know how long it has been since LA didn't make the region tournament?
  4. If you can't beat the #8 team in your district you have no business in the region tournament!
  5. I really don't understand how it is such a great reward. A 1st round bye for 14 to 18 year old kids? I bet most of them had rather be playing the #8 team than sitting and waiting! Just my thoughts!
  6. Just wondering who came up with a messed up bracket such as this and why was it done? How long has it been like this?
  7. Not near as irritating as that silly rap song about the team that they play WAY TOO OFTEN!!
  8. You guys have a very good team. Much bigger and much faster than when we won state in 2005. Catholic did you the same favor that they did for us in 2005 by beating Fulton. Good luck the rest of the way.
  9. You may have as much speed as any team in the state but if he gets that step past them, they most likely won't catch him. From what I hear, it will not be easy to get that step.
  10. We have 6 tanker trucks filled to the rim ready to roll with the caravan Friday!
  11. 2400 last year and 2100 this year! He's fast and very elusive.
  12. You must not know who is playing in that other game!! Marshall has been in the top 5 in state all year and I promise you LA has improved dramatically since you first played them. Neither one of you guys will put a whipping on either of them. You may beat them but not by what you are thinking.
  13. No problem! This is high school football and anything is possible. LA proved that in 2005. It's like an old teacher of mine used to say though--"It's possible---but not probable!"
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