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  1. I only saw a couple of posters who thought LA would lose. DeKalb really shocked most people. They must have really improved since their game with LA. I think LA gets a very close win but I'm afraid DeKalb's season will end.
  2. You talk like you the guys from Alcoa! Don't think you are there yet!
  3. Only one word needed to describe this game---U-G-L-Y!!
  4. This guy just continues to live up to his name!
  5. I think whoever we get in round 1 will be better than anyone we have played all season.
  6. And he just keeps living up to his name!!
  7. Again I say you have the most fitting screen name on Coach T!
  8. If these 2 guys are difference makers like you say, this will be a good game. If not, LA will roll!
  9. That's what will be unleashed on Upperman about round 3 of playoffs!
  10. I hope you are right but you might want to watch Greeneville, Elizabethton, Anderson County or Nolensville play before you get too carried away!
  11. I wasn't at the game but did them dang refs not let Upperman rest that 15 minutes?
  12. Looks like you picked a good screen name!
  13. I seriously doubt that the talent pool has gotten that shallow. Maynord always got the best out of what talent he had to work with. Not to mention the voodoo curse he had on LA!!
  14. Can't believe you left Arms off that list! The Coe, Arms and Strong teams would beat this years team by 20 consistently.
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