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    Will Magee

    hehe, I read about his match in the paper. It would have been great to see. Ah tennis, what an entertaining sport.
  2. Wow, u really don't like him, do you? haha
  3. personally I enjoy my Wilson nCode nTour very very much. It is a very powerful racquet and I think it allows me to be in full control. It's a great racquet but I guess I have a bias towards wilson since I only use wilson for most of my sporting gear (both soccer and tennis). It is a personal preference thing though.
  4. Oooo, yeah I'm glad I live in Murfreesboro so that I could attend this year. Those guys out there are sooo good and it's really nice to watch, even when ur good friends lose, lol. Yeah but this is really only the first or second time I've seen these guys play so I'm just judging by what I have lately seen. Anyway, it was nice talking to you but I'm gonna go. Have a good one.
  5. Oh really, I had no idea that Ian was only a freshman. Man he's really good. I guess I mainly picked him to win cause I had expected wishing to have won their match but was pretty shocked when he didn't. Ian played really well. But I could easily see Williams pulling through in the final as well. Williams played right in the front court and I could tell that he had and amazing stroke and played very well. Have you been going to watch them play at MTSU?
  6. Oh no, it's fine. Anyway, who do you think is gonna win singles?
  7. No relation and I don't know who is actually using the Cutter name, all I'm guessing is that it's a siegel kid. Anyway, I'm a huge arsenal fan and a Kentucky basketball fan too, thus the UK part. Anyway, while I'm babbleing on, why does it matter anyways?
  8. I agree with you. That was a really hard match to watch wishing in. But def in the final I think it will be Chadwell v. Williams. with Chadwell coming through. Wishing had some really great serves but Chadwell had an amazing return. Also Williams had a really great forehand today that was very impressive.
  9. Yay! Siegel on a beautiful win yesterday!!! Oh and also, is Daniel Krikorian still still in for singles?
  10. I'm not doubting that he's any good, but 85 isn't that impressive. I mean, it surely won't win him any awards.
  11. I know and Henry is a great player so no one should have a prob with it, haha. I was just saying that u might offend the person. But oh well.
  12. Aww... don't be mean. So what he has a bowling picture. That's just on his signature thing. I have a soccer player on mine.... do you have a problem with that?
  13. Wow, someone is quite the fan, aren't they?
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