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  1. Annoying.... 1.Comparing College teams to Professional Teams 2.Talking about some flop forever 3.Cubs fans and Steve Bartman
  2. I keep up with Alabama HS Football alot,since I have many relatives in the Mobile and Birmingham area.First off,you can find all state championship info for Alabama at http://www.ahsaa.com I am an also a fan of the show and I hope Ross goes to Alabama.I hate to tell you but I'm an avid Bama fan in Tennessee.ROLL TIDE!
  3. I have to say that this show is 3.5 maybe.It has gotten better,but I agree,it has been overacted some.I like Two-A-Days more,Reality is better when it comes to sports.I hope that ESPN does Knight School again by the way.Being an Alabama fan and keeping up with Alabama HS Football,it makes me excited that we have a chance with Ross Wilson.
  4. You guys know in Connecticut if a teams wins by 50+ the coach is suspended for 1 game.
  5. Adamsville won a thriller but something I'm more concerned about is the injured Loretto player,how is he doing and is he okay?
  6. Yeah,Bobcat67 Adamsville's D may be what we need.Hardin County's Offense hasn't looked well and if Adamsville can jump out early,Adamsville could surprise Hardin County.
  7. I'm not so sure on this game.South Side has yet to play a real opponent.JCS on the other hand has which may pay off.They also have two good threats in Rayner and Melton and a fair defense.On the other side,SS has a killer run game and that can kill JCS since the run game isn't something they stop well.But an instinct tells me this is Upset Week. Surprise,Surprise. JCS 28 SS 21
  8. Well,I must say Haywood has the defense,one that could hold down JCM's offense for a bit.If the defense comes ready for JCM and the offense does nothing,then when the defense wears down,if it wears down,JCM will pulverize Haywood.But,if the offense can actually do something this week,Haywood earns win number 1. I'm neutral but I pick an upset. Haywood 14 JCM 7
  9. I think this would could be close or could be a 14+ win for someone.But lets look.Rumor is that USJ's Chris Miur is injured,although I'm not sure how bad the injury is,it will be a big loss for USJ.TCA on the other hand may have a lot to build off of.They played close,very close,in a game they were supposed to lose against JCS.The offense kept up and if the defense is able to bolster down,then TCA should win this one.I say 35-14,TCA.
  10. I think this game will be closer than most will predict it.Both teams want to go above and beyond what the experts have them picked finishing.Looking at both teams,Hardin County is hungry.Being 0-2 in 2 big losses isn't exactly where they want or need to be.So expect the Tigers to play for a win more than they have so far.Adamsville on the other hand tasted a win for the first time in a while.Hopefully this will be an even bigger lift to momentum and morale for the Cardinals.If the two teams play,building off momentuma and hungry for a win,this should be close.But I think since a win always helps,I'm taking Adamsville 21-14.
  11. dobber2368

    WBFG 96.5

    If I'm right,I think I know BoredGuy's idenity,and he's on 96.5,but anyway,if thats you BoredGuy I can give you updates on Hardin County and McNairy Central's games via coacht also if I get an update from a friend on the Adamsville game,I will update.
  12. I'm not sure of those rules but I know that Adamsville plays 8th Graders after the Jr. High season and Adamsville's Jr. High is also in the same building.
  13. Thanks,just wondering,I really enjoy OTB.
  14. To the man from Jackson who said he can find all his info on other teams on CoachT. Make note,most of the stories placed here for West TN teams are from the Jackson Sun.I'm with the previous poster,he's 110% right,we care about seeing our team too,not just a Jackson team.
  15. I think Milan will roll,Gibson Co. may want to look for a win elsewere. Milan 49 Gibson Co. 21
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