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  1. trebs

    District 9AAA

    Congrats to Lebanon and Mt. Juliet for making to the state tournament. Lebanon's first trip since 1982.
  2. trebs

    District 9-AAA

    I believe it is in Gallatin.
  3. trebs

    district 7A projections

    Catching up on my reading. I saw where Watertown lost 1-0 to Merrol Hyde in the region semifinal. They finished the game with 7 players after 4 players were issued red cards. Does anyone have more info on the circumstances where four red cards were issued?
  4. trebs

    District 9AAA

    You maybe right about the Bears and the Devils advancing past Sectionals. I doubt Beech would have either.
  5. trebs

    District 9-AAA

    Tough loss for Lebanon last night. Congrats on a great season.
  6. trebs

    District 9AAA

    Congrats to the Lady Bears and the Devilettes for making the region final. It should be a good game.
  7. trebs

    District 9AAA

    Looks like all four 9AAA teams won first round games in Region play. Congrats!
  8. trebs

    Dickson Co. Boys Golf

    Congrats to Dickson County for winning the AAA District 11 golf tournament in a playoff against Brentwood.
  9. trebs

    District 9AAA

    What is the outlook for 2017/18? Who is the favorite(s) this year. I expect Lebanon to be improved.
  10. trebs

    AAA State Bracket

    Anyone at the game? Update?
  11. trebs

    A/AA State Bracket

    It will be very interesting next year with 3 classes in Division I. Single A has a lot of unknowns. There could be several teams make it to the State Tournament who have never come close.
  12. trebs


    Wilson Central scores have been changed back the person who posted the forfeits has been flagged. Some has been a naughty boy.
  13. trebs


    I see now Wilson Central has forfeited 3 games.
  14. trebs


    It appears Mt. Juliet had to forfeit their game against Hendersonville. Does anyone know what happened? Ineligible player?
  15. trebs

    District 9-AAA

    Never say never, but it is highly doubtful.