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  1. They have bleachers, but they are the short ones, seat about 20 people. However, I have never been to a soccer complex where bleachers are at every field. The championship field has large bleachers. Everyone knows when you go to a soccer complex to being chairs, this is normal for anyone who plays soccer.
  2. What in the world is TSSAA thinking, when they are having Championship Soccer Games in the middle of the day on a weekday. Don't they know that more people will come to the games if it's scheduled after 500pm. Just wondering why they are doing it that way.
  3. Looks like someone is trying to motivate Shelbyville. Shelbyville is a good team this year. I would agree with mjuhb, this game is a toss up, but with the strong goalie Riverdale has, I will say they come out on top.
  4. TNFC will not play the other TNFC teams until Dec. They are on the AR schedule. TNFC will not win premier league this year. I believe as Memphis Team continues to play together, they will get better and better. Memphis will win the league. Crush will come in second and TNFC third. It seems the Crush always find a way to win, it will be between those two teams Sept 14-15. Ajit has taken a team from first to third who have no motivation to play. Half of it is coaching and half are players who just want to play for college coaches. Some of it was evident at on the field against us at state, throwing statements in our face, "you've never been to regionals", "how many state championships have you won," while beating them. It will be interesting to see.
  5. Looks like the Crush has TNFC 90's number. The have now fallen off the ranks of number one in the state according to soccerincollege after 5 years being there. Ajit was supposed to take them to the next level, but it looks as if he has done more harm than good. Why change something that is working. Memphis is looking strong as well. Now that all three teams are in the PL, it will be very interesting who will come out on top at both the state and PL. The Crush is dealing with injuries, but Kyle has that them playing very well as a team and I don't see anyone beating those guys now. Any predictions for this age group for the PL and State.
  6. Paul Gilbert should have been first team goal keeper as well. He posted 14 shoutouts and ony two teams scored more than two goals, Father Ryan (3), and BGA (2, which were Pk's). Blackman 's defense was very good, and their top defender was recognize, well deserved, but Paul made some great saves as well. 2nd team is an honor, but 1st is what was deserved. Job well done by all. Didn't know Alexander was going Pro, when did that happen. Tough to let college ball go to pot, good luck, that is totally awesome.
  7. The boys soccer All-State team from the Tennessee Sports Writers Association will be finalized at the TSWA convention in July and should be released in late July or the first of August All Mid-State by the Tennessean the next couple of weeks.
  8. Often we talk about forwards, midfielders etc... and defense often gets no credit. Just look at the past post over the past year. No defender talks. Who had a great defense this year?
  9. SSSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Shayne Rollins shut you all up. Where were you all? Did you all even show up? Didn't hear much out of ya, especially in the second half. Maybe you got just a little taste of what Blackman felt last night, at least it was clean!!
  10. I think Cookeville is going down and down big! Their fans aren't gonig have anyone to taunt or harrass. 4-0 Riverdale!!! They'll be lucky to get a shot off.
  11. Siegel out played Blackman in the first half, a questionable offsides for the first goal for Siegel, but they deserved to be winning in the first half. The second half, Blackman owned just couldn't put it in the back of the net, Blackman definitely won the second half. The game should have been a tie. The second goal goal by Siegel was a definite offsides5-10 yards offsides, even Siegel parents said he was offsides. I also don't think Larpin was even shooting, but trying to cross the ball, but it went in. But that's the way it goes sometimes. Blackman still gets second in the district, after looking at the seedings, it looks like Siegel will see Blackman again in the Semi-finals.
  12. I would like to disagree with you. I have had first hand experience with the whole ODP team. Does it hurt to know someone, NO, but that's in every aspect of life, whether it's looking for a job, finding a deal, etc... However, ODP is not a political as you think it is. I heard all the same stories before my daughter made ODP. I thought for sure she was good enough to make the team, but I thought she wouldn't because she wasn't the coaches daughter, or wasn't one of the board members daughter, but you know what, she did and deserve to make it. I have also seen a girl from TN on the National Pool at regions one year, and guess what didn't even make the region team the next. I could give examples of the boys side as well. So, unless you know first hand about ODP, don't make statements unless you have info to back it up. It might have been that way in the past, but I think when Curtis Blair came on board and with Manny Sanchez cleaned all that up. I know Curtis is not there in that role anymore, but that kind of when my daughter joined. Just take a look at what the boys 90 team accomplished this year. You don't get that far by having a bunch of coach's sons and board member's sons on the team. I have seen current players who were a part of ODP one year and got cut the next year, because another person step up that was invited to participate. It takes your coaches involvment to have him recommend you and then hopefully ODP will have time to come look at you during a tournament. Lots of different players are invited every year and each year all the young men and women know they could be cut. ODP is really ran very well is the bottom line! If you are good enough you will make it!
  13. That's something you would work out with the coach. Most of those players that are traveling over 2-3 hours, usually make one practice a week, but sometimes that doesn't happen. It's a risk a coach and players are willing to take if players traveling that distance improve your team. That's part of the reason it's so tough to make a team like TNFC, Arsenal, because they don't allow themselves to put lesss than D1 Players on the team. You really have to earn a spot.
  14. Who are you talking about? And who are you so I can let you know.
  15. Dude you are clueless!!! Steve is good, but I am pretty sure him not playing was the reason they scored 4 goals.
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