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  2. I read somewhere that the next class of senoirs(the second season of Two-A-Days) will have a lot more kids going to Div. I schools. Because Hoover's best prospect, Max, only went to go play at Furman.
  3. Webb's tennis team last year (05-06), has nobody on the team with scholarship status and they could have easily beat the AA and AAA champion yet because they were stuck in Div-II with Baylor, McCallie, and MUS, who DO have recruits, they were beaten. My point is, that schools like Webb should be placed in a division with the top public schools. P.S. I do realize that this is very unlikely to occur. Im just wondering if u support or disagree with this idea.
  4. agreed, Wes can compete with all of the top golfers
  5. What year is he in college? He will/is be a good college player but not nearly good enough for the pros.
  6. I wish i would have gotten his autograph, b/c i went to school with him and played with him until he got incredibly good
  7. hes gonna fail in the pros and end up going back to college to finish his degree
  8. Wow! Bo is leaving. That would be great. BTW ckeck out the new S.I., Rhyne Williams is in there.
  9. if that is true than everyone else in D II is screwed
  10. Webb doesnt lose anyone is top 6.
  11. wow someone needs to teach that kid a lesson about respect for ur opponent
  12. Why still complain its a done deal. My only advice is to train harder and build up more conditioning.
  13. I agree. He's also a senior so he supposed to be a role model to the undercalssmen. What a bad sport.
  14. wow Ian won. good for him. he will be a great player
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