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  1. Antwan


    That is impressive. Good luck to him.
  2. BCS was bowl championship series. It ended in 2013. It applied only to football. A much better term to use would be power 5 conference schools. There would be great debate today whether those 5 are the best 5 basketball conferences...especially men's basketball.
  3. It was a great game with two talented teams. Levy took the game over late. I was also impressed with P-C's shooting. Great game to watch. Two very well coached teams.
  4. They split with the U and beat them in the round house. Macon has no chance to beat them there.
  5. They are 2-1 against Macon. All 3 games were down to the wire. It should be a good one.
  6. Good to hear from you...my friend.
  7. I think LA & the U is at 6:00. MC & SC afterward.
  8. Can't overlook anyone in the tournament.
  9. RBS is 13-2 in their last 15 games. They are not bad.
  10. Man...comparative scores don't mean anything in 7a. I never have put much stock in them anyway.
  11. I think his point is that many small school coaches have been passed over for jobs at bigger schools.
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