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  1. Antwan


    That is impressive. Good luck to him.
  2. Antwan

    Upperman vs East Nashville

    BCS was bowl championship series. It ended in 2013. It applied only to football. A much better term to use would be power 5 conference schools. There would be great debate today whether those 5 are the best 5 basketball conferences...especially men's basketball.
  3. Antwan

    Upperman vs East Nashville

    What exactly is a BCS offer?
  4. Antwan

    Pearl Cohn vs Upperman

    It was a great game with two talented teams. Levy took the game over late. I was also impressed with P-C's shooting. Great game to watch. Two very well coached teams.
  5. Antwan

    Mcminn Central vs Macon County AA Sectional

    Yep...a great win by Macon.
  6. Antwan

    Mcminn Central vs Macon County AA Sectional

    They split with the U and beat them in the round house. Macon has no chance to beat them there.
  7. Antwan

    R4AA match-ups

    They are 2-1 against Macon. All 3 games were down to the wire. It should be a good one.
  8. Antwan

    R4AA match-ups

    Good to hear from you...my friend.
  9. Antwan

    R4AA match-ups

    I think LA & the U is at 6:00. MC & SC afterward.
  10. Antwan

    R4AA match-ups

    Can't overlook anyone in the tournament.
  11. Antwan

    Jackson County

    RBS is 13-2 in their last 15 games. They are not bad.
  12. Antwan


    Man...comparative scores don't mean anything in 7a. I never have put much stock in them anyway.
  13. I think his point is that many small school coaches have been passed over for jobs at bigger schools.