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  1. Baylor #4 in the state, West Knox #6...what happened to all the D-1 teams??? I think this is showing excellent growth in Lacrosse in the State of TN! Way to go guys! What happened with CBHS, Houston, and Franklin? I thought these teams were building for great seasons based on their records from last year. I reside in franklin and try to catch some of their home games, I heard some mutterings of coaching issues, but I still thought this team had some gusto to at least be .500 this year. Thoughts???
  2. LXFAN

    Playoff Scores

    They don't have a choice from what I have heard. Apparently the league voted last year that the d-2 champion has to move up.
  3. Its correct, I was at that game. Franklin was actually ahead 9-6 in the fourth, and Ravenwood came back to tie the game, then Franklin put it away with a minute left in OT.
  4. Whoa there...I did not mean to insult, I was simply asking about results. I am sorry if I sounded insulting in anyway.
  5. I figured it would have been a little closer than that, anyone see it? Did Ryan have all their players healthy?
  6. how did the Franklin/Father Ryan game go?
  7. What if Franklin Beats CBHS????
  8. D-1 West conference is a mess, The east looks like its wrapped up with WBB being the odd man out unless they pull out a win against Farragut, any thoughts on the West?
  9. Thats a horrible attitude! You move up to have better competition , excel at the game, and give your team more opportunities. Thats why you move into D-1. D-2 is a developmental division and has done an excellent job producing great teams, but if you have been a team for 10 years or more, I really think you should be in D-1.
  10. Looks Like Brentwood should be heading to D-1 Next year. Lets hope they make the right decision.
  11. LXFAN

    Games 3/2-3/8

    Ouch....Did MBA look that strong or did Franklin look that bad?
  12. LXFAN

    Games 3/2-3/8

    Did MBA and Franklin play today? If so who won, did anyone watch it?
  13. Not so much, I actually just went to the TSSAA website and read what they offer, give it a shot.
  14. Kids are buying their own equipment becasue they have too. I am sure if a school were to offer equipment they would take it and have the option to have thier own equipment. The TSSAA does support the program financially. It will sponsor tournaments, offer trophies, etc...You can check that information at http://www.tssaa.org/Handbook/handbook.pdf When I was referring to Scholarships and recruiting, I was talking about college, not high school programs. TSSAA could help with contacting colleges for high school students. The growth in popularity would grow in Tennessee if there were more teams which would be made possible if it was supported by the state. As for Travel, after reading over the TSSAA handbook. I noticed that they only allow one road game out of state. I am not a fan of that. I am sure tht rule could be up for discussion though. I agree that DII teams should move up, but I think the competition in DII is fine within that division. If a team is winning every year, then they should move up to keep the competition level constant. I am sure we could go round and round for the whole season about this issue, lets agree to disagree and see what happens.
  15. 1. Coaches do not have to be affiliated with the school to coach...Look at Soccer and Baseball. 2. Some schools would not have the money, but would be inclined to do fundraisers and also could encourage booster clubs to help out. Kids would not have to buy their own equipment, nor would they have large dues every season. 3. Broken Bureaucracy??? Look at all sports! Look at the before and after of the BCS polls, bottom line is this are always people that are not going to like the system, no matter what it is. With TSSAA involved in Tennessee Lacrosse it will not only help grow the program by helping with Scholarships, recruiting, and simple recognition. It will also give the game of lacrosse in general an opportunity to grow in popularity. Kids can watch games in a big football stadium, or maybe get the chance to sell merchandise and and concessions to help fund the program. TSSAA may take proceeds from the gates. That would mean Schools take proceeds as well...correct? Another way for a school to raise money for the program, which they don't have now. 4. Those schools travel because there isn't enough competition in the State...your right. Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't have to travel for more teams and more competition??? Giving kids and schools the opportunity to field teams would bring the competition level up throughout the state. Besides all the out of state games are basically exhibitions, that have no impact on placement or ranking in the State Tournament.
  16. Actually...the only people that are against TSLA going TSSAA are members from private schools. if you ask any public school player or coach, I bet every single one of them would be more than happy to be sanctioned. MBA gave buses for their students to ride to practice??? Thats a tough wrap!!! Most of the public schools don't even have 1 BUS that a team can use for away games, and MBA gets them for practices!!! Its almost comical that that is a hardship for MBA. There is a geniune interest in TSSAA on both ends and I bet that within 3 years we will be sanctioned and it will be the best thing that has ever happened for Tennessee lacrosse. Kids who can't afford to play will be able to play, schools that can't afford a team can have a team, and MBA, MUS, CBHS, Mccallie and schools like that will have a tough time during dealing with all the public teams and athletes that come out of the wood work when this happens.
  17. I think Franklin has a good chance at making playoffs. From that point on they will have step their game up to advance.
  18. Well, you can't really argue with the organization. In the past, they have good talent and just couldn't make anything happen. There was definitly something missing on the playing field. I would think a coaching change will be good for the program, best of luck to Beis though.
  19. Did he quit or get "forced to resign"???
  20. That does sound a little bias, but you did admit it. Now, I don't know either of these coaches, I have definitly seen the Franklin Coach more than I have seen the Cookeville coach in action. I feel Hirsch deserved it last year as well, because he basically did what you just described what snider did this year, a great job in both coaches. Franklin, did have a great returning team, but it takes great coaching to get them to that level in the first place. Unfortunatly lacrosse isn't a born trait....its taught. This is what Hirsch does best, if you read the article in the paper about the game 50% of Franklin's goals were by underclassmen......21 Seniors doesn't mean they all play.
  21. I hear Tyler hirsch got Coach of the year from Franklin. Well deserved I think. Bringing back to back Championships isn't easy...I think a move to D1 is inevitable!!!
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