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  1. Does anyone know when the coaches All-State Team will be announced?
  2. Congrats to EHS on another milestone win for your up and coming young program. I think the ride ends this week though. I believe BA and MBA will have to sort this whole best team in the state thing out.
  3. MBA easy...setting up the rematch everyone wants to see. IMO...the two best teams in the state BA vs. MBA
  4. In my opinion MBA is the best football team in this state this year. Are they unbeatable? Far from it. Lets consider some factors for this week. This game means nothing but an undefeated regular season to MBA. Do you go all out and risk some injuries for the playoffs? What would MBA fans think if a key cog in the machine was lost? With no bye week do you rest some key players or banged up guys? If the perfect season is lost because you rest some what would they think? McCallie is not as bad off as people may want to think. All of their losses have come to DII playoff teams. Three of four were to undefeated teams at the time they played and in my opinion those three along with MBA are the top four teams in DII. This is McCallie's playoff game. Is MBA the better team? More than likely. Does the better team always win?
  5. Do you have to have a winning record in region play?
  6. Rufio/Tennfields That is exactly what I have been trying to point out all morning. Ensworth made plays and coaching adjustments that won this game. McCallie did not lay down and to say otherwise belittles both teams. I can point out numerous effort plays by McCallie kids and the same amount of plays made by Ensworth kids. The large majority of people who picked a McCallie blow out were not McCallie people and I think were hoping Ensworth would not be as good as they are as quickly as they are. Why #10 did not see more playing time is the question a lot of people are asking.
  7. OK most Ensworth fans have alot of class.
  8. TURNOVERS and questionable play calling has continued to put a very tough defense in precarious situations all year. It finally caught up with them in the fourth quarter Friday when Ensworth executed and made some big plays. Nobody "rolled over" or "showed a lack of heart". To say so disrespects Ensworth and a good McCallie defense that has been put in bad situations all year and has come thru time after time. It finally caught up with them last night.
  9. Congrats to Ensworth. You have a very well coached good team. Beautiful facilities and supportive courteous fans. I think there are better teams in this region but none that you cant beat if they are not ready to play. Nice to have Tim Mcgraw holding the chains (our o-coordinator enjoyed talking to him) and Faith Hill on the sidelines. Here is the question McCallie fans want answered. We put a freshman qb in for 4 series in the last 2 games. One against Father Ryan results in touchdown, first series against Ensworth touchdown, next series we're driving and he fumbles struggling for extra yardage, the next series results in a touchdown. He doesnt see the field again. WHY?
  10. Very good article with very valid view points on todays society. I do have a different view on the parents at practice though. Years ago when I played I remember there always being someone (not sure if they were parents) standing around the fence watching the goings on. Maybe if some parents came to practice they could see for themselves why someone else is getting more playing time than their child. Instead of coming to a game and saying my kid can do better than that. I think the problem is the difference between being there to support the players, coaches and program, not just coming when something you disagree with happens and making your presence known. I always asked my sons coaches if they minded my being at practice before the season started and not one ever had a problem with it. I have asked a few college coaches and they said they encourage it. I am curious as to why you would ban parents from practice if they are just there to watch and enjoy? A more troubling issue for me is when an opponent comes to play us and they have 60 players, 60 band members, 20 cheerleaders and 10 managers, but there only 120 people in the stands. Where are these kids supporters at?
  11. Jay Fullam/Safety/McCallie. Big Time player. Led team with over 100 tackles. Ran 2 kickoffs back for TDS. Defensive MVP in championship game. Don't know exact numbers but this kid can fly and will flat out hit you.
  12. This year looks more wide open to me than Ive seen in several years. I would have to give the edge to BA (with Potter's offense and their talent) but there are several teams that just need a few kids to step up and there could be some big surprises.
  13. Josh Bain at McCallie (6'1" 240 lbs.) was Super 7 All-State offensive lineman last year and has started on the d-line since his sophomore year. He went to one camp (UTC) just to prepare for his senior year and the d-line coach was very impressed. Probably wont play at the next level because he wants to prepare for med-school.
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