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  1. Looking at the Georgia vs Tennessee all star rosters for the game this coming Saturday. http://www.chattanoogan.com/2013/6/11/253046/Annual-Tennessee-Vs.-Georgia-All-Star.aspx Looks like Dalton, NE&SE Whitfield versus Chattanooga private schools and EHHS. Tennessee Men’s Roster Player: Jersey # High School: College: Brock Rustand #7 McCallie Marek Stout #11 McCallie David Barnes #4 McCallie Hunter Brock #1 McCallie Tim Barnes #29 Notre Dame Rick Prochazcah #16 Notre Dame William DeBarge #17 Notre Dame Baggio Card #15 Notre Dame Will Hitchcock #19 Baylor Transylvania University Jeff Shabata #6 Baylor Georgia Tech Jalen Goddard #8 East Hamilton Jonah Goddard #9 East Hamilton Kyle Gallups #2 East Hamilton UTC Kyle Ford #3 East Hamilton Tennessee Wesleyan Tim Love #23 CCS Hamilton Bosgraf #5 CCS Nick Russell #23 CCS Andy Rosen #10 Signal Mt Head Coach: Jim Schermerhorn Notre Dame Georgia Men’s Roster Player: Jersey # High School: College: Raymundo Bahena #1 Dalton Jerry Moreno #9 Dalton Andres Barragan #7 Dalton Daniel Palacios #14 Dalton Marcos Ruiz #4 Dalton Alan Pantaleon #18 Dalton Rogelio Mentado #6 Dalton Erik Salaises #9 SE Whitfield Josh Smotherman #18 Heritage Bryan College David Perez #11 NW Whitfield Christian Perez #10 NW Whitfield Giovanni Aguero #7 NW Whitfield Cielo Nunez #12 NW Whitfield Alejandro Rosillo #10 SE Whitfield Jorge Hurtado #11 SE Whitfield Damian Lara #23 NW Whitfield Jose Plaza #20 Dalton Chris Monroig #23 Dalton Head Coach: Ryan Scoggins Northwest Whitfield
  2. I agree. Astounding passing and ball management. Shots from everywhere and everyone. Speed, agility. Entire team of all stars.
  3. 1-1 Final Sorry I don't know who scored. West got on the board first, about 8 mins in, with a corner kick put back in after the goalie punched it out. East scored in the second half. My son said he had a great time. Some really talented guys out there. Sorry missed that there was a news story http://gallatinnews....s-its-first-tie
  4. Well I got an email with the following. Good luck to all the boys, hope the weather holds off. EAST 0 Preston Mercer Dobyns Bennett 00 Paxton Mitchell Blackman 2 Keaton Kaye Knox West 3 Emilio Moore Farragut 4 Chris Soto Knox West 5 Brad Ross Franklin 6 Allister Berger Franklin 7 Mathew Worley Gibbs 8 Ben Norris Franklin 9 Christian Rivera LaVergne 10 Zach Feathers Dobyns Bennett 11 Ryan Reilly Maryville 12 Victor Shem Oak Ridge 13 Sheldon Menya Dobyns Bennett 14 Ryan Hunley Gibbs 15 Joshua Clark Ooltewah WEST 0 Evan Walden Dyersburg 00 Lucas Farmer Henry County 2 Cameron Kerper Smyrna 3 Griffin Smith Pope John Paul II 4 Hayden Puryear Gallatin 5 Robby Williams Hendersonville 6 Charles Blankenship Houston 7 Nathanial Busuito Henry County 8 Tommy Dee Houston 9 Sam Zacovic Hendersonville 10 Will Kaelin MUS 11 Joseph Earl Hendersonville 12 Derek Knotts Smyrna 13 Eli Price Houston 14 Scott Bobby MUS 15 Blake Chidester Brentwood 16 James Togbah Beech
  5. Tennessee High School Soccer Coaches Association All-Star Game Drakes Creek Park Stadium in Hendersonville 7PM 6/1/2013 anyone know where I can find rosters for who made the teams? I saw an article from the Memphis Edge but that's the only mention I could find. http://blogs.commercialappeal.com/the_memphis_edge/2013/05/five-from-area-on-west-all-star-soccer-team.html
  6. Ooltewah April 11th Game vs Rhea County rained out . Rescheduled Saturday April 27 12:30 at OHS.
  7. I think it's a tie. Found this quote in TSSAA Girl's Soccer regulation PDF F. Each district may choose to break ties in its regular season contests using a modified tie-breaker system. Each district shall decide whether or not to use this option by taking a vote from each school prior to the start of the season. If a district votes to use the option for its district contests, the following tie-breaker procedure shall be used in regular season: Teams will play two 10 minute Golden Goal (Sudden Victory) overtime periods. At the end of the first 10 minute overtime period, teams shall change ends. There shall be a two-minute interval between periods. If, at the conclusion of the two 10 minute Golden Goal (Sudden Victory) overtime periods, a tie still exists, the tie shall be broken with the penalty kick procedure outlined in the NFHS Rulebook.
  8. Ooltewah vs Walker Valley moved to 4/3/13 from 4/4/13 due to threat of heavy rain. Game @6PM instead of 7PM
  9. Felipe Munoz Ooltewah not Andres PS Is there an All region team?
  10. We had the same experience up in Cookeville at our region final. Game nearly out of hand. Intentional colisions designed to injure rather than recover the ball. Tempers flaring. Hurt players having to be helped off the field. Line judges mute on calls they could and should have made both ways but didn't. I hope they get a better field some day, cause the field they have is so narrow and tore up. It has to be an adjustment to them when they go to a normal field that is 10 or 15 yards wider. Best of luck to everyone that moved on.
  11. Hope to see you next year. Go OWLS!
  12. Were the bad calls offsides calls? Not funny for Grainger but check out... There is a reasonable Off side training video on youtube, if you have 7:32 to listen to it.
  13. We seem to find a way to win. Coffee County's pack it back strategy was sure working for them. I'm just glad that the Owl's are moving on. PS: As just a parent fan that doesn't know these things... What is the OT format this year? We did the two ten minute overtimes and that resolved ours. What comes after that if it is still tied? Ten minutes sudden deaths or just PK's?
  14. Squeezed out a Ooltewah win 3-1 in OT
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