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  1. This will be my first SGC game in a couple of years, so I hope it is worth the drive. It feels like it’s gonna be a good one
  2. Gonna have to challenge a 6-6 Milan team who lost to SGC at home and also lost to a Lexington team by 3 scores that the Hornets beat, but I only saw them play 1 half all season, so maybe I missed something.
  3. This is a story I did for The All State at APSU over former Fulton star Kentel Williams. I thought some of you all might would have wanted to see it. Williams averaged 25.4 yards per carry in APSU's 69-13 win earlier this year. Great football player, and an awesome guy to get to talk to. http://www.theallstate.org/a-call-home-kentel-williams/ Noah Houck Sports Editor, The All State [email protected]
  4. Covington scored on SGC turnovers while RE didn’t. The pharaohs turned the ball over a few times vs SGC as well. Covington is my pick to win this game with or with RE turnovers
  5. Good game, SGC played hard against a good, athletic team, but had 5 turnovers. Best of luck to RE against Covington
  6. Pharohs take over. Grandberry goes 99 yards for the score. Flag on the field
  7. CJ Sharp Touchdown 9:00-4Q South Gibson 14 Raleigh Egypt 20 Live feed: http://tncitylinktv.com/channel/jackson-south-gibson/
  8. RE goes back ahead 14-7. Officials never signaled the TD , and SGC looked confused on the conversion. Doubt the signal would of changed the conversion. 5:10-3Q South Gibson 7 Raleigh Egypt 14
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