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  1. Not trying to be inflammatory, I just heard about this from a friend. He said the kid actually did not move and just used his aunts residence to act like moved when she is Not actually his guardian. Knew you guys would have some insight on this, only reason I asked.
  2. What did he say about it? Did he go into detail how it was legal?
  3. Quick question, I've heard #3 from Gallatin is ineligible. Has anybody heard this or can someone shed some light on this? Just curious
  4. First day of practice is may 9th. Scrimmage is may 22nd against Dickson county at home.
  5. This is going to be an absolute fantastic game. We're a beat up team, but we just have to muster up for one more game. I'm sure it's gonna be our greatest challenge of the year. Go Big Red!!!
  6. Yes he will be there and will have all his horns this time. He's blown those horns at every HC game since 2005, so this one for sure won't be any different.
  7. Is Henry County a lock to stay in quad 4 or is there a chance they go to quad 3?
  8. Yes, 100 percent certain. HC v.s. Milan this Friday at Barton field (Grove school) at 6 pm.
  9. We're getting closer and closer to hearing mr. Farmer declare "It's football time in Henry County!!!"
  10. From what I've heard you are correct on the date of the jamboree and yes milan is participating. However the lineup has changed from what I was told. HC will play lexington this year. Milan will play westview, South gibson will play obion, and Dresden will play trenton. Not a 100%, but what i was told. PREZ, can you or anyone else confirm this??? GO BIG RED
  11. I've heard HC will have 3 fall scrimmages. The first two are at home. Friday August the 2nd against Milan, then Tuesday August the 6th against Dickson county. The third one will be on the road at MBA. I'm ready for some football!!!!
  12. I'm glad to hear this. Hurd is great, but you guys have gone from the hunter to the hunted. I can promise you will get the very best shot that we have and on that night the W will be in doubt. So go ahead and overlook us starting now, you will pay for it. Good luck to you guys
  13. From my understanding our non district games are liberty, beech, and ridgeway along with our district play. So what does everyone think about the big red next year? Schedule and all
  14. Your entitled to your opinion, its just hard to believe you would predict a double digit victory when its at HC. Personally I think it will be a one score game for whoever wins it. To me this game features a young but very talented team who showed championship type heart and experience in a come from behind victory against a very talented, Beech also is a very talented team and hard nosed team with one of the best individual players in the whole state in my opinion that beat up on a team who wasn't very good. Last week we grew up and learned a lot, but we must improve from that performance. Beech did what good teams do and beat portland badly and looked crisp doing it. I think HC playing a tough team on the road helps them more coming to this week, but the biggest thing for the big red is that this is the first home game of the year and I can promise you that Patriot Nation will be out in full force for this game. That will be a big boost for HC, but beech will not back down and has the disappointment of last years game to help them get focused. This will be the premier game in all of Tennessee on FRIDAY NIGHT(Alcoa v.s Maryville is sunday). I'm extremely pumped up for this game. GO BIG RED!!!
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