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QUOTE(coach26 @ May 10 2007 - 04:58 PM) 826456641[/snapback]CONGRATES TO ALL



Player of Year-Austin Bridgewater, Morristown West

Coach of Year-Kevin Helton, Cherokee


All-Conference Selections


Morristown West:

Austin Bridgewater

Kevin McDonald

Daniel Vick

Logan Wild



Justin Ferrell

Chase Quarles


Jefferson County:

Joey Belcher

Will Brummett

Zach Long

Nick Sherrod



Ryan Duncan

Matt Cutshaw


Morristown East:

Josh Morgan

Brad Ramsey


Cocke County:

Nick Glenn


Honorable Mention


Morristown West:

Brandon Boyd

Brett Conley

Tyler Raines

Logan Welch



Ethan Blair

Elliot Coleman

Darren Haun


Jefferson County:

Christian McFall

Kory Miller



Ryan Fillers

Justin Merkel


Morristown East:

Tyler Collins

Jimmy Mosier


Cocke County:

Austin Graham

Blaine Hartsell



Shocking that Hartsell didnt get All-Conference for Cocke County. I'm sure if they voted now, he'd get that nod.

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isn't it funny how west was the only team that was expected to win, that won. but still who does the oh so famous for putting east high ahead of west on so many levels write about. cocke county that's who. east also has a big write up, even though they lost. i'm not saying that these teams do not have a right to be talked about. but you need to give kids credit when they have earned it. west has surpassed many expectations this year and they still do not get treated neither as equals. i personally do not feel that this is right. and i think that the citizen tribune should start giving every team the attention they deserve


Y are you jealous?

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QUOTE(EveryonesFan @ May 6 2007 - 08:20 PM) 826453063[/snapback]And how bout West winning district titles in all sports except for basketball. The tribune has never said anything about West's dominance in all sports. This year alone they have won football, baseball, softball, boys soccer, girls soccer, cross country, track, tennis, and i am not sure whether they won golf or not. However West has been the best school all year and the tribune hardly ever says a thing about it.


This is a BASEBALL site not newspaper so quit your crying bout that and talk baseball

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QUOTE(7inningparadise @ May 14 2007 - 09:27 AM) 826458850[/snapback]this is the poorest aaa conference in tn, I mean Cocke Co. is one of your region reps



Are you even in this region? If not get off this site and find your own region

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