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hey mhs, guess what, 98 was the last time UT won their title, Kentucky won theirs in 98 too hmm...I think Kentucky has got them on that too. Since Kentucky won theirs in March and Tennessee in January. Also Kentucky has 5 more national titles than Tennessee. Of course Tennessee could have gone back to the big game several years in a row, but they continually choke. This year against LSU, PITIFUL! Every other year against Florida, I always said that Tennessee would beat Florida if they played them later in the season, guess I was right, but they still choked. Tennessee finally did get a NC, but they still need some advice. Who better to ask than the team that in the countersport has the most wins, most tournament wins and appearances, best winning percentage, second most championships, and I could go on. The way I see it is that Tennessee needs to pick up the slack and play football all year long and not let down a game!

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I agree with you. i would never totally disagree with someone who goes by maryville rebels! and you are right tennessee did choke the lsu game. and kentucky choked the western ky game and the ut game in knoxville last year in basketball. and therein lies the difference between bb and football. in football you can afford one slip up if it is early in the season. two and you don't have a chance. in basketball you can lose as many as you want and get hot at tournament time and have a chance. in football there is constant pressure. in terms of the number of times florida has been in their heads though i totally agree wiith you. and i was at the lsu game last year in atlanta and have never been so disgusted in my life.

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