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Middle School Volleyball Starts in August


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With the TSSAA naming the First Day of Practice for High Schools and the date of the first match the 24th of August, Middle schools have now been give tghe leeway to organize their preseason, develop their regular season schedule and work out their preseason JV schedule and their regular season JV schedule. Middle School Volleyball has 20 matches available with no off season practices but no restrictions on summer practice. They can start their 2009-10 practices 4 weeks before their first match but have to have 3 daysof practice before the first playday or scrimmage.

Whether the GLJ, the resident Rules Geru of TSSAA rules, knows what "no restrictions on summer practice"means it would help.

There are many more Middle Schoolers playing this year and their should be some very hot matches in the districts this year all over the state. It is estimated that about twice as many are playing this year, many of which are playing club. Middle School playdays are normally organized during some time of preseason practice.

Now, it appears many Colleges/Universities are having team camps in June and July for Middle School age groups and likely everything works out except Coaches being able to attend those sessions which restrictions should be able to be seen if their are any.

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